Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Can Our Business Benefit From Wireless Internet Service?

A: Businesses looking for Faster Installation Times, True Redundancy and Cost Savings should consider a Metro Wireless connection. Most connections are installed in just a few days without any of the hassle of acquiring right of way permits for underground or utility poles. Metro Wireless is a quicker, less expensive and more efficient way to deliver high bandwidth solutions.

Q. How Reliable is the Metro Wireless Service?

A: Metro Wireless provides a promise of 99.99% up time, this is the industry standard for most Ethernet connections. Check with your Metro Wireless sales associate and ask for our Service Level Agreement (SLA) if you you have questions regarding availability, latency, jitter or technical support in response to quality issues with the link.

Q. Do Companies Use Wireless as a Primary Internet Serivce?

A: YES! At least 10% of the businesses in the USA rely on Wireless technology as a PRIMARY form of communication. Since Wireless is often less expensive and quicker to install, many IT Directors choose these products when there are problems with getting service from terrestrial Local Exchange Carriers or Cable Companies.

Q. How many MBPS Can a Wireless Connection Achieve?

A: In the last several years, there have been huge advancements in Wireless Microwave and Multipoint technologies. We are now offering services as high as Five Gigabit Per Second (5000 MBPS) or higher over wireless. These connections are built using the latest state of the art Microwave technologies and have proven year over year to be a reliable and cost effective method of delivering bandwidth.

Q. Is is possible to do Layer 2 or Private Line Wireless Connections?

A: YES! We do offer these types of services. If you are looking for a quote for this type of connection, please contact us.

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