Agent Program

Partner with Metro Wireless to develop a business relationship that not only benefits your customers by giving them the absolute best service money can buy but also gives you access to an additional revenue stream. You will be given a dedicated partner agent that works with you to deliver the right product to your customers. You will also gain access to the partner portal which gives you visibility into your customers accounts and other vital information.

Wholesale Services

We offer our partners the ability to resell our products to their customer base. This allows IT companies the flexibility they need to design custom solutions around the needs of fast moving businesses

Carrier Services

Metro Wireless offers a full variety of Layer 2 Ethernet services, we will provide a zero cost NNI to any provider interested in using our network. We offer competitive rates on all Carrier Services.

I’m excited to offer Metro Wireless services to my customers. We are always looking for cost effective, fast, secure and reliable services. MetroBURST is a great value for any company looking to cut costs and improve performance.

Jeff Rains

Owner, Telecom Professionals

Let's Do Business Together

We offer several popular partner programs designed to offer great value

Working with Metro Wireless has been a fantastic way to enrich the telecommunications needs of almost any business. They offer a product lineup that brings great value to the portfolio of any IT Director I have ever worked with. Metro Wireless is a great company with an exciting road map and wonderful people!

Tim Mackin

CEO, Utility Telecom

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