Integrating SD-WAN with Cable

You DON’T Have to Choose, You CAN Have it All

These days, everyone wants things fast. Fast cars, fast smartphones, fast food, fast Internet speed, and fast data loading speed. Waiting for anything can be very annoying. In this new technological world, solutions have worked really well to make business processes faster and faster, but this need for speed seems to have left the core network behind.

The computing has evolved over time, and it leads to a disruption in the network capabilities. As a result, enterprises and businesses are now looking for the best solution to get rid of the reduced network speed and poor performance. That’s where SD-WAN comes into the picture.

SD-WAN is the best solution that can improve performance reliability, business agility, Internet economics and offers many more benefits to the businesses. Let’s explore all of the key benefits associated with SD-WAN and introduce you to our own service, MetroWAN.

What is SD-WAN (Software-Developed Wide Area Network)?

SD-WAN is the specific application of SDN (Software Defined Network) technology applied to WAN such as MPLS, broadband, LTE, And 4G. It connects the business networks, including their data centers and branch offices, over vast geographical distances.

A WAN can be used to connect several branch offices to their Central corporate network or to connect the data centers separated by vast distances. Earlier, the WAN connections were using a technology that works with proprietary hardware components. On the other hand, SD-WAN work by utilizing the Internet or cloud bases private networks. SD-WAN work by decoupling the network from management plane and detaching the overall traffic management, and monitoring all the functions from the hardware.

Keep it All – Integrating SD-WAN with Cable

A common misconception exists that you must replace all of your services and switch to one carrier. This is simply not true. You no longer have to limit yourself in your telecom and Internet decisions. You’ve heard the term “kill two birds with one stone”, now you can do just that (not literally!). Not only can you keep your cable, but you can easily integrate multiple connections even from various carriers. We make that simple for you. In addition to your cable Internet connection, you can now have reliable backup over the air that is multi-faceted.

Why should you add wireless as a backup? Two diverse connections, such as cable and wireless over the air, will protect your business from outages. Integrate MetroWAN seamlessly with Comcast, Charter, WOW, Sprint, AT&T, or any other cable provider. The option always remains still to use us as an alternative, too, and still bundle with SD-WAN.

The Benefits Of SD-WAN

Aside from improving the performance reliability, SD-WAN offers the following key benefits that will excite you to switch to hybrid WAN today:

#1 The Internet Economics

SD-WAN ensures that Internet connectivity (whether it’s ethernet, DSL, or Cable) is available widely and quick to install and deploy. SD-WAN does this all at a lower cost as compared to the MPLS circuits. One of the best things about SD-WAN is it offers reliable and secure WAN services at a price range that industries can easily afford.

#2 The Business Agility

With SD-WAN, one can rapidly install or deploy WAN services, such as firewall and bandwidth. By doing so, enterprises can efficiently distribute the operations to their branch sites without any need to send IT personals. Also, it’s easy to reduce or add the bandwidth as the business requirements evolve over time. This offers businesses the agility that they need to beat the competition.

#3 The Ease Of Adaptation & Management

When it comes to speed, one of the most significant advantages of switching to SD-WAN is that it makes the overall deployment of WAN services fast and simple. These solutions are pretty straightforward to deploy and provide auto setup and traffic monitoring features to make the management more accessible. Simple.

#4 The Optimization Of Cloud Architecture

SD-WAN optimizes the Networks to help business access cloud-based applications easily and quickly. It helps businesses in getting rid of the backhaul penalties associated with the traditional MPLS network system and offers high performance and secure connections to the cloud. SD-WAN is known for improving the experience for the cloud and SaaS-based applications.

#5 Migrate To Hybrid WAN

If your business already has installed the MPLS network to the branch offices, you might think that you don’t need to implement SD-WAN. Well, the benefits of Hybrid WAN can make you rethink it. You can quickly deploy SD-WAN solution without actually modifying the existing MPLS network system. SD-WAN can help your business in migrating traffic growth towards a more budget-friendly Internet bandwidth.

#6 So Many Benefits

Increased bandwidth, performance at all locations including small or remotes sites, and uptime. There are so many benefits. You no longer have to be imprisoned by your ISP because unlike MPLS, you don’t have to have the same service provider across all of your sites. It makes sense.

Take the Leap

There is no secret how cloud technology has changed the game for many businesses, with its ability to provide enterprises with the flexibility, fast deployment, and customization at a reasonable cost. SD-WAN is no different.

SD-WAN is changing the network paradigm to help enterprises reach where they need to be for modern computing. Fact is, without SD-WAN, companies usually fails to operate at their full potential.

It’s like using only 30% of your brain; imagine the goals a business can achieve by utilizing the other 70%. SD-WAN can help you use 100% for your network.

So, those are some of the key benefits associated with the SD-WAN. We hope this post has explained everything appropriately and these benefits have excited you to make the switch to Hybrid WAN. Thanks for reading this post and do follow us to read more such articles related to SD-WAN and networking technology. We always have the latest and greatest high speed provider offers and you can view our SD-WAN here.