If you are connected to the Internet, then you are going through some form of Internet service provider, whether it is from your home or in your office. ISPs are the first line you go through when getting to the Internet, and you rarely think about them after you get set up. If you want to be online anywhere in the world, going through an ISP is a must, and they provide an essential service for billions around the world. Business ISP connections are a must in the modern world, and for many businesses, Internet downtime can be crippling to the bottom line, whether it is the connection for business processes, or access to hosted services. Something that many people don’t think about, however, is how an ISP in Detroit, and every city in the world, affects how email marketing gets to consumers and businesses alike.

Email Marketing

Most people in the world have a love-hate relationship with email marketing. Email marketing is an essential part of advertising when it comes to businesses, especially for online retailers. That means that most people have some form of email marketing coming to them every day from various retailers, and from other websites that they have signed up for accounts with. Most people don’t turn off all the marketing on websites, and this can lead to some websites taking advantage of the situation and shoveling boatloads of emails every day to their subscriber lists. An ISP in Detroit can help.ISP in Detroit

Issues of Spam

An email or two a day from a website is fine for many people, but most prefer fewer, such as weekly. If you start to get more and more from a website, especially from sites you don’t frequent, then it starts to get into the area called spam. Spam got its name from a Monty Python sketch back in the 70s, and the term was used to describe letter mail; however, it kept on being used when email became prevalent. Spammers are businesses that send out a huge amount of emails quickly, and they often get the recipient’s email from stolen subscriber lists online. You may not even have ever visited the website the spammer is advertising. The issue of spam for ISP’s is a big one because the sender isn’t the one that has to pay for the spamming; they are often anonymous, and therefore it’s the ISP in Detroit and its recipients that suffer.

Spam Detection

When an ISP in Detroit detects a large number of emails incoming from a specific domain, its automated spam filters are likely to trigger, automatically blocking these emails. This is great for stopping spammers, but sometimes they inadvertently stop legitimate advertising emails, too. Email marketers have to constantly work at ensuring their emails are properly formatted, and that proper sending protocols are followed, to avoid spam filters triggering, and to avoid having to contact ISPs in order to rectify a spam filter blocking issue. In a worst-case scenario for an email marketing company, they could get completely delisted by an ISP, making them have to go through a protracted process to attempt to get relisted. If it’s their own ISP that has delisted them, their service agreement could be terminated via anti-spam clauses.

Avoid Getting Tagged as a Spammer

The next time you are looking at email marketing with your business, consider contacting your ISP in Detroit first; they will be able to work with you to ensure your company doesn’t get tagged as a spammer in their systems, and they will help you follow CAN SPAM and local regulations.

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