How fast and reliable is your Internet service at your business?

Your Internet Service Provider may make claims about the upload and download speeds when you subscribe as a customer. Have you ever compared the numbers to the speeds that you get daily and even at different times of the day and workload?

The following Internet speed tests can help you to determine the download and upload speeds, identify issues with the network, like latency issues, packet loss, or physical connection issues. Some of the sites may not work with an active ad blocker however you can also get an option that can work with the ad blocker.

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SpeedOf.Me Speed Test
This is an html5-based speed test. It is designed to replicate the real world downloading and browsing conditions by requesting files of increasing sizes and recording the speed when downloading.
The site shows a graph of speeds that are achieved in real time and also tracks the results against the previous tests. The website calculates the quickest and the reliable server from the 88 servers, rather than choosing a location.

This is also a html5-based speed test. It is smooth and works with various devices without any problem.
The speed test offers upload, download, and ping information for the connection. The ping information is valuable when you want to run down a problem or do an analysis of the connection instead of obtaining the simple speed information. SpeedSmart also provides an app that you can use download and run to store the history of the results. The website works fine, but may not work well when you tinker with optimal bandwidth for games or when using it professionally.

TestMY.net can run a series of tests and offers more comparison data. There are different options for upload and download tests. Ensure that you try both the upload and download tests. You have to download the speed test because it is not used through the website.
After the test, the results rate the speed compared to other users; this will give you the best idea where you stand. It also shows the graph with the connection over some time; this will show you if you had trouble sustaining a strong connection the whole session. If the numbers are not familiar, there is more documentation and simple guides that can help you to identify the issue with your Internet connection.

This is Ookla’s bandwidth diagnostic software. It shows up on several other sites, but it has the most full-featured iteration of the test. The technology used is speedy and intelligent. It picks a server that is nearby and runs the test fully. It will give feedback on download and upload speed, packet loss, and latency.
You can answer questions after the test; fill a survey about the claimed speed of the ISP and the charges. The survey will help Ookla to get a database of consumers’ information.

Internet Health Test
The Internet health test takes longer, but it is very reliable. This is ideal if you want a complete look at how the internet speed works when pushed. The test uses infrastructure and a gauntlet of servers to find out how it behaves in different situations. The average speed is lower compared to other tests, but you can look at other configurations and how it works on different server arrangement. You can compare it to how the Internet is normally used to estimate the expected speed based on the typical activity.

Fast.com Test
This is a simple site managed by Netflix. It launches a speed test automatically and offers a giant number to show what the Mbps looks like.
It is intended for people who want to test the current speed of their Internet can handle the Netflix content. You can use Fast.com test anywhere. If you only need a simple number, you can use Fast.com.

Internet Speed Test

Your Internet speed can vary at different times, depending on the number of users and what they are doing. To understand the speeds better, you can test at different times of the day. When running the test, ensure that nobody is using it, this can affect the results. If possible, connect it to the modem instead of Wi-Fi, this will help you to get accurate results.

What is a speed test?
An Internet speed test helps an individual to get an idea of how fast the Internet connection is. The device you use may affect the upload and download speeds depending on the local congestion, the plan you select, and any other rules it has.

The speed test will measure the ping, upload, and download speeds. It is important to measure the upload and download speeds because some ISPs offer different promises for upload and download speeds.

How to get accurate results
Results will depend on what you want to measure. Check the optimal conditions if you want to see if the ISP is providing the speeds that it promises. You can use an Ethernet connected device and choose the closest server. Ensure that nothing is running that may affect the Internet connection. You can even restart the router before you do the speed test. If the router has a built-in speed test, you can use it instead of the browser test. This will help to prevent any of the hoops the testing process jumps through.

But, if you want clear results that are closer to the real world performance, you can use a browser or a test app. The router test should enable you to choose a server that is far away. If you have some video or audio streams running, start them before you do a speed test.

Remember these tips:
Perform several tests
Test under ideal but normal working conditions
Test over the course of the day
Try a variety of speed test online options
Use the test on different devices to compare

What could cause slow speeds?
Once you test your connection several times, here are potential reasons for why your Internet connection may be slow:
Your connection is being throttled, did you use up your data?
There could be a local outage, check.
An overload of usage on your network at once is possible.
Check your cables and/or router for overheating or try rebooting the router.
Is it time to replace your router?
See if your WiFi signal is being blocked or interfered with. Try moving the router.
Could someone’s computer be infected with a virus or malware? Run a scan to be sure.
Could background programs be eating up your bandwidth?

Lastly, no matter how you measure or the steps you take, you may not get perfect results. But, you can get better results to understand what you want or check on the speeds that the ISP promises. All you will test with the Internet speed test is how well the current Internet connection works between the testing server and the device you are using. Instead of researching to find the best Internet speed test, try several at different times of the day and see which one works best for your business needs.