When people go looking for an Internet provider, they often think they are limited for choice. Too often, people believe that they only have a choice in provider, not in the type of high speed Internet that they receive. The truth is that there are plenty of options for high speed Internet in Detroit besides just the provider. In fact, Metro Wireless can offer you different types of high speed Internet that can give you exactly what you need.

Here is a brief breakdown of your options for high speed Internet in Detroit so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

Fixed Internet

Fixed wireless Internet is one of the most popular options for business Internet solutions today. In a world where multiple wireless networks can interfere with each other, fixed wireless can provide reliable high speed Internet in Detroit for less.

Fixed wireless Internet uses microwave radio signals to beam high speed Internet from a tower to your business, often referred to as “point-to-point.” Think of it like a giant invisible Internet cable in the sky. Because fixed wireless is not the most common high speed Internet in Detroit, it also competes for airspace less, meaning it can have a more reliable connection with very high speeds for a lot less.

Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet is by far the most common option for high speed Internet in Detroit, and for good reason. Using light signals to move information through cables, fiber Internet can achieve very high speeds at a consistent rate over long distances. This means that your Internet can be very strong as long as you have access to the infrastructure powering it.

Fiber Internet is named after the fiber optic cables that it uses to transfer information. Because these cables use light to move the information, unlike the electricity in cable and DSL Internet, it can actually move information much faster. That means you can have access to some of the most reliable high speed Internet in Detroit quickly and easily.

Satellite Internet

While fiber Internet is great for people who can connect to the infrastructure, it isn’t great for more remote places that can’t. This is where satellite Internet can help. This type of Internet is beamed directly from the source to satellites, which then sends it straight to you. It’s fast, reliable, and offers flexibility that other Internet types cannot. If you want high speed Internet in Detroit but are “off the grid,” then satellite may be the best option.

If you are looking for high speed Internet in Detroit, then be sure to pick the right type of Internet for you and your business. Metro Wireless is dedicated to giving companies options so that they can pick the Internet type that works best for their business. Whether you want the reliability of fixed, the flexibility of satellite, or the speed of fiber, we can offer the Internet that you need at a price you won’t believe.