When it comes to Internet access in Detroit and the surrounding areas, most businesses think that what they have is the best they can get. The truth is, however, that many businesses can get faster Internet access at more affordable prices if they think outside their normal Internet access. In fact, most businesses have plenty of options for high-speed Internet in Detroit and beyond.

Today, we want to walk you through the options you may have for Internet, including fixed wireless Internet in Michigan and how you can find the right Internet for your company.

What are Your Options for High-Speed Internet in Detroit?

Broadly, options for high speed Internet in Detroit breaks down into four categories: fixed wireless, fiber Ethernet, satellite, and LTE mobile. Let’s go through each one.

Fixed wireless Internet uses the airwaves to send Internet to a local router instead of cable. Traditionally used in rural locations where Fiber Ethernet is unavailable, fixed wireless is actually a great option for many business in Detroit and surrounding areas. Speeds are often comparable to other high-speed options with no data limits.

Fiber Ethernet is the Internet you are probably most familiar with, a high-speed cable service that brings access through a router and wireless modem. This Internet relies on installed cables, so it’s availability depends on where you are, but it can offer reliable and high-speed Internet access for most people in the state. Depending on your needs, fiber Ethernet is a fantastic option that’s easy to set up and simple to use.

LTE wireless mobile is the perfect option for anyone who needs Internet on the go. Many companies use this for things like fleet management, remote work solutions, and tracking. It’s perfect for companies that need a fast and reliable Internet connection almost anywhere.

Finally, there’s satellite Internet, which uses a constellation of satellites to bring Internet to wherever you are. Leaps in technology have improved satellite Internet over the years, making things like cloud cover less of an issue while improving connection speeds. This Internet option is perfect for companies that can’t reliably connect to fixed wireless or fiber Ethernet Internet, yet still have significant demands for data.

Your Choice for High-Speed & Fixed Wireless Internet in Michigan

When it comes to Internet access in Michigan, there are plenty of factors to consider. Geographic location, your business needs, and required upload and download speeds are all important considerations. If you are on the hunt for high-speed Internet, including fixed wireless Internet in Michigan, however, the clear choice is Metro Wireless.

We here at Metro Wireless are dedicated to getting the people of Detroit and surrounding areas the Internet they need at prices they can afford. From fixed to satellite to LTE wireless and more, we offer a number of choices for high-speed Internet in Detroit and beyond. Contact us today to get a quote and to learn more about how Metro Wireless can make your Internet access better, simpler, and more affordable.