Mananged WiFi

Better wireless connectivity for your business. Sure, you could try to do it yourself, but why not let the pros handle it?

Managed WiFi

What is Managed WiFi?

Rather than just a few access points strung together from an unmanaged switch, Managed WiFi is a commercial approach to wireless connectivity, both indoor and outdoor. Our expertise extends beyond just selecting and installing hardware; the real client value is in the design and post-installation monitoring and support.

Our approach includes a site survey and review of floor plans, which we'll then use to draft a WiFi design. Typically, the design includes the implementation of devices such as wireless controllers, wireless access points, switches, and extensive cabling. We welcome small and large projects and will scale the solution to your needs accordingly.

WiFi 6E

leading hardware


monitoring and support

LTE / 5G network

What makes our LTE / 5G internet great?

Our LTE / 5G internet service includes unlimited, unthrottled data across all big three cellular carriers, a Static IP, and up to 400Mbps SD-WAN! No other carrier is offering that level of service at competitive rates.

Further, we perform cellular network site studies for our clients, so we know what carrier is best to deploy for each site. As an agnostic third party, we only recommend the best carrier available.

A full-service solution including

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Instant device roaming

User devices roam seamlessly across your campus.

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Cloud portal management

Configure and monitor multi-site services online.

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Customized design

Meet your user density, coverage, and budget goals.

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Outage alerts

Get alerted to any WAN outage across all your branches.

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Voice & video reliability

Low latency and low jitter services for video and voice use.

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24/7 NOC monitored

Proactive monitoring and support around the clock.

Quality service backed by quality support!

We do all the heavy lifting so you can be confident you will receive the connectivity you need without fail. Learn more.


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Collective experience

Why Us?

Armed with 100+ collective years of expertise, we're passionate about delivering better commercial connectivity.

How We Work

Time to roll up our sleeves and get down to business!


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Our lawyers have advised us to restrict the humor and keep it strictly business. We'll try to be on our best behavior.

Metro Wireless tech on tower installing service

Our customer journey

Time to roll up our sleeves and get down to business. We go the extra mile to ensure a successful deployment.
Learn more about our approach.


Site Survey

We perform a site study before every proposal to ensure we’ll meet service needs.



Only after we understand the mission do we begin to design the solution.



Via strong project management, we treat the onboarding and installation process as mission critical as our services themselves.

Clients are loving our Managed WiFi solutions!
Drew Stewart
“I selected Metro Wireless to deliver a Managed WiFi solution for Mayea Marina in 2017. Now, six years later, that same system is running well without issue. I wouldn’t hesitate to partner with them again for another WiFi project.”
Drew Stewart

Technology Advisor, Traverse Team

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