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LTE / 5G internet for your construction site. Get robust connectivity to your job site today!

Construction LTE 5G Wireless Internet

How is our wireless internet optimized for construction sites?

Whether it’s providing internet and WiFi for a single trailer in an urban area, or servicing a rural trailer farm, our LTE / 5G wireless construction internet is the easy button solution.

We provide access to all the big cellular carriers, offer unlimited data plans with no throttling, and can leverage outdoor antennas to help at those extra rural sites.


up to download speeds


availability SLA

LTE 5/G Sim

What makes our construction focused wireless internet great?

By working with construction firms to solution custom wireless internet deployments, Metro Wireless helps bridge the commercial connectivity gap. We perform a site survey for each site, so we know what cellular carrier to use and whether an outdoor antenna is required.

Our LTE / 5G internet service can be delivered and installed next day across the US, and our solutions are available for both short- and long-term needs— we’re your ‘easy button’ provider!

A full-service solution including

Nationwide icon

Nationwide Availability

Service for rural and urban areas.

Unlimited Data icon

Unlimited Data

No caps or throttling on data usage.

Short Term Options icon

Short Term Options

MTM term options available.

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Antennas Available

Boost performance with outdoor antennas.

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Included static IP

/30 comes included, with up to a /24 available.

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24/7 NOC monitored

Proactive monitoring and support around the clock.

Quality service backed by quality support!

We do all the heavy lifting so you can be confident you will receive the connectivity you need without fail. Learn more.


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Collective experience

Why Us?

Armed with 100+ collective years of expertise, we're passionate about delivering better commercial connectivity.

How We Work

Time to roll up our sleeves and get down to business!


Not only do we talk the talk, we walk the walk. See for yourself.


Our lawyers have advised us to restrict the humor and keep it strictly business. We'll try to be on our best behavior.

Metro Wireless tech on tower installing service

Our customer journey

Time to roll up our sleeves and get down to business. We go the extra mile to ensure a successful deployment.
Learn more about our approach.


Site Survey

We perform a site study before every proposal to ensure we’ll meet service needs.



Only after we understand the mission do we begin to design the solution.



Via strong project management, we treat the onboarding and installation process as mission critical as our services themselves.

Clients are loving our Construction LTE / 5G Internet!
Rick Vivyan
"Metro Wireless provides cellular-based internet solutions for our remote construction sites across the country, and they come through every time. Awesome customer service and support as well. I can't recommend their services enough.”
Ric Vivyan

Information Technology Manager,  Sylvan, Inc.

Sample pricing
MetroLTE Basic


  • Up to 30Mbps download speeds
  • Unlimited data usage
  • 100Mbps SDWAN
  • 99.9% SLA
  • 24/7 NOC monitored
Choose plan



  • Up to 300Mbps download speeds
  • Unlimited data usage
  • 400Mbps SDWAN
  • 99.9% SLA
  • 24/7 NOC monitored
Choose plan



  • Up to 80Mbps download speeds
  • Unlimited data usage
  • 100Mbps SDWAN
  • 99.9% SLA
  • 24/7 NOC monitored
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Consturction customers frequently ask

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What speeds are available?
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