Managed SD-WAN

Manage multiple WANs for a seamless failover experience. This isn't your grandpa's firewall.


What is Managed SD-WAN?

Acting as your network's head coach, SD-WAN protects companies from downtime by monitoring all of their WAN connections and instantly rerouting traffic at the first sign of circuit failure. Firewall failover takes minutes, yet SD-WAN failover is instant.

Multi-branch organizations leverage this technology to centrally manage all their WAN connections, via cloud portal monitoring, outage alerts, and more.


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What makes Managed SD-WAN great?

Our Managed SD-WAN scales to your needs, whether that's one location managing failover for two WANs, or a 200-site deployment managing multiple site WANs with centralized cloud management. We solve what's needed today, without selling unneeded capacity, and are ready to grow with you tomorrow.

Further, while our SD-WAN is managed, our included centralized cloud management allows IT departments to monitor and configure WANs and alerts at each branch site, providing peace of mind.

A full-service solution including

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Included static IP

/30 comes included, with up to a /24 available.

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99.99% SLA

Highly reliable services you can depend on.

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Cloud portal management

Configure and monitor multi-site services online.

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Outage alerts

Get alerted to any WAN outage across all your branches.

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Point-to-point services

Configure layer 2 P2P services for multi-site management.

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24/7 NOC monitored

Proactive monitoring and support around the clock.

Quality service backed by quality support!

We do all the heavy lifting so you can be confident you will receive the connectivity you need without fail. Learn more.


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Why Us?

Armed with 100+ collective years of expertise, we're passionate about delivering better commercial connectivity.

How We Work

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Our customer journey

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Site Survey

We perform a site study before every proposal to ensure we’ll meet service needs.



Only after we understand the mission do we begin to design the solution.



Via strong project management, we treat the onboarding and installation process as mission critical as our services themselves.

Clients are loving our SD-WAN solutions!
Joren Carlson
“Metro Wireless is a great company to work with for LTE backup internet and Managed SD-WAN.”
Joren Carlson

Owner, Unified Communications, LC

Sample Pricing
MetroWAN Basic


  • 100Mbps Capacity
  • Supports 2 WANs
  • 99.99% SLA
  • Fully Managed Solution
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  • 1000Mbps Capacity
  • Support 4 WANs
  • 99.99% SLA
  • Fully Managed Solution
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  • 400Mbps Capacity
  • Supports 3 WANS
  • 99.99% SLA
  • Fully Managed Solution
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