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Your solution for solving poor indoor or outdoor cellular signal. Serving small and large deployments, we're fit to be flexible.


What is a Distributed Antenna System?

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are networks of antennas or nodes that are connected to a common commercial carrier signal source, such as AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile.

These connected antennas are distributed throughout your structure and improve network coverage, increase performance, and add capacity within your building or structure.

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What makes our Distributed Antenna Systems great?

Our DAS solutions are preapproved by commercial carriers, so they don't require costly coordination or elongated deployment timelines. We pass on the savings to clients, while also getting them installed faster. Further, the hardware is E911 compliant and Public Safety ready.

Our designs compensate for challenging structural or environmental factors, and to provide peace of mind, our solutions include cloud-managed remote monitoring and support.

A full-service solution including

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Universal device support

Works across all user cellular devices.

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Multi-carrier support

Boosts signal across your favorite US cellular carriers.

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E911 compliance

Truly compliant solution for reaching emergency services.

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Reduced dropped calls

Low latency and low jitter services for better voice calls.

Scalable deployments

Scalable deployments

Easily add additional coverage as your demand grows.

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24/7 NOC monitored

Proactive monitoring and support around the clock.

Quality service backed by quality support!

We do all the heavy lifting so you can be confident you will receive the connectivity you need without fail. Learn more.


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Why Us?

Armed with 100+ collective years of expertise, we're passionate about delivering better commercial connectivity.

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Our customer journey

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Site Survey

We perform a site study before every proposal to ensure we’ll meet service needs.



Only after we understand the mission do we begin to design the solution.



Via strong project management, we treat the onboarding and installation process as mission critical as our services themselves.

Clients are loving our DAS solutions!
Robert Roy
“Metro Wireless has been a trusted partner of Iroquois for many years. They provide us wireless bandwidth, cellular boosters for our plants, and dial tone.”
Robert Roy

Sr. Director of IT, Iroquois Industries Inc

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