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What is Managed Business Starlink?

While Starlink's LEO satellite internet service has been around for a few years, until recently managed service providers like Metro Wireless couldn't deliver Starlink's Commercial internet offering as a managed solution.

That's changed, and as an Authorized Solution Provider, Metro Wireless offers all the benefits of Starlink, along with a value added offering that our commercial clients love such as: public static IP blocks, 24/7 US-based NOC support, LTE/5G failover, and multiple Starlink dish bonding for best performance.

Read below for more on what Commercial Starlink is, the ASP program, and what managed service solutions exist.


up to download speeds when bonded

LTE & 5G

failover and bonding for unbreakable internet

Commercial Starlink Internet Access
Distinguished from Starlink's residential internet service, the Commercial Starlink tier leverages a required 'High Performance Dish' that has more antenna arrays and better field of view than the cheaper and lower performing residential-only dish. Further, all Commercial Starlink plans carry higher network prioritization, so business clients will have the 'fast lane on the highway' user experience compared to residential plans. With a single High Performance Dish on the Commercial access plan, we've observed real world speeds up to 340x20, with 20-50ms of latency.

Authorized Solution Provider Program

The ASP program was launched by Starlink in partnership with Peplink, a leading wireless hardware manufacturer, to give third party service providers access to managing Starlink deployments for their commercial clients. Only providers who are pre-approved by Starlink are eligible to offer business Starlink, with significant investment required to be included in the program. As an ASP, Metro Wireless is a stocking distributor for Starlink's High Performance Dishes, allowing clients to achieve overnight Starlink deployments.

Managed Service Solutions
Rather than just reselling, we're offering our value-added services like dedicated public static IPs, 24/7/365 US-based NOC support, and included LTE/5G failover when Starlink has occasional outages. Further, we offer the capability to bond multiple Starlink and non-Starlink connections together, like LTE/5G and fiber, to produce the fastest possible speeds and also offer carrier redundancy for an 'unbreakable' internet connection. All deployments also come with centralized portal management for single pane of glass monitoring, with outage alerts and other configurable features. Finally, clients also love our professional installation options and dedicated project management, ensuring a smooth implementation.

  • Available Public Static IPs
  • 24/7/365 US-Based Support
  • Included LTE/5G Failover
  • Included Out of Band Management (OOBM)
  • Consolidated Billing & Invoicing
  • Dedicated Project Management and Pro-Installation

How is or Managed Starlink distinguished from buying the Commercial or Residential service from Starlink Directly?

While clients have the ability to procure Starlink directly, they can only do so without the value-added offering that Metro Wireless offers. Further, the residential Starlink hardware and plan offerings don't meet commercial needs.

Limited capability from Starlink directly
When purchased directly, commercial clients can't procure dedicated static IP blocks, and Starlink's direct support is only chat-bot-based and averages 72-hour response times - both of which are inadequate for commercial internet access. Further, Starlink doesn't offer professional install, and nor will they bond multiple Starlink dishes together with LTE/5G to offer faster speeds and carrier redundancy. Managed service providers like Metro Wireless offer these value-added capabilities.

The residential Starlink Standard dish is inferior compared to the commercial High Performance Dish
Starlink's home internet service uses inferior dish hardware compared to the commercial focused 'High Performance Dish', which boasts a triple antenna array versus the single array on the residential dish. Further, the commercial dish offers a 140 degree field of view versus a narrower view on the residential dish. As a result, these improvements on the High Performance Dish mean that it has a high probability to see any particular Starlink satellite in the sky, and therefore commercial users benefit from higher uptime reliability and faster speeds.

Starlink's Business service plans offer the 'fast lane on the highway' experience
Aside from the improved hardware, Commercial users also benefit from higher network priority than other residential and RV user plans. Most easily understood as having a ticket on the 'fast lane on the highway', Commercial Starlink internet plans will always have faster speeds, lower latency, and better uptime performance than residential or RV plan-users. Also of note, it is against Starlink's terms of service to use residential or RV focused hardware and service plan for commercial applications.

What makes our Managed Starlink offering great?

Included LTE/5G Failover
Further, as the wireless experts, Metro Wireless is co-bundling every Starlink deployment with a back-up LTE/5G modem with an included 1Gb pooled data plan, offering failover connectivity when Starlink has connectivity issues or outages.

Active Bonding of Multiple Starlink Dishes
For clients with high user counts or demanding bandwidth needs, we can bond multiple Starlink dishes and connections together to produce download speeds up to 750Mbps, with up to 150Mbps uploads. LTE/5G and other traditional wireline LAN connections can also be bonded together in this active-active format, all achieved via our Managed SD-WAN offering, powered by Peplink's Speedfusion platform.

Professional Install & Dedicated Project Management
Commercial users can opt for self-installation, which typically requires fewer than 30 minutes, or opt to have our in-house professional field team perform the installation. We have 20+ years of experience performing rooftop and outdoor wireless installations, and can install across North America! Further, every order is managed via a dedicated Project Manager who works to ensure an on-time and seamless implementation.

Included Cloud Portal Management, including Out-of-Band-Management (OOBM)
Our Starlink deployments include single-pane-of-glass monitoring, all via a centralized cloud portal that our NOC comanages with you. Outage and usage alerts, as well as other settings, can be configured to your needs. This simplified connectivity management system allows for IT teams to manage all WANs across all sites from a single login and portal. Similarly, OOBM is provided via the LTE/5G data SIM, allowing our NOC support team to remotely log into your Starlink connection at any time (including during outages) for support and troubleshooting.

Consolidated Billing and Invoicing
All Starlink and other WAN connectivity across all sites, including LTE/5G data, is billed via a single invoice, streamlining client operations. Or if you prefer, we can separate out invoices and list site numbers and PO detail. With Metro Wireless, have it your way!

A full-service solution including

Call icon

Available public static IPs

Starlink doesn't directly offer dedicated IP blocks, but we do!

Cell booster icon

24/7/365 NOC monitored

Proactive monitoring and support around the clock from our NOC.

E911 icon

Included LTE/5G failover

Included LTE/5G failover for when Starlink has temporay outages.

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Bond Starlink connections

Actively bond multiple dishes for fastest speeds and performance.

Scalable deployments

Priority network data & dish

Our Commercial dish and service carry the highest network priority.

24/7 support icon

Cloud portal management

Single pane of glass for managing and monitoring every deployment.

Unparalleled business Starlink support!

Compared to Starlink's direct offering that only has chat-bot based support, our dedicated client support NOC has special access to Starlink's level-two support engineers to get issues resolve fast! Learn more.


Monitored support


Avg. CSAT Score

< 30 Sec

Avg. support hold time

100+ Yrs

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Our Managed Starlink customer journey

Clients love our approach to designing and deploying Managed Starlink internet solutions. Check us out here for more detail on our approach.


Needs Assessment

We work closely with you and your internal and external IT teams to understand what connectivity challenges they’re facing, and how Starlink's Satellite based internet service could help.



Only after understanding the needs do we being to propose a solution. Here, we'll also discuss the potential for SD-WAN and multi-dish and WAN connection bonding.



Either installed by us or your IT team, we eliminate the installation pain via our white-glove deployment process.

Sample Starlink Pricing

Single Managed Starlink Service

  • Up to 250Mbps downloads
  • Unlimited Starlink Data
  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • 24/7/365 NOC monitored
Choose plan

Two Bonded Managed Starlink Service

  • Up to 500Mbps downloads
  • Unlimited Starlink Data
  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • 24/7/365 NOC monitored
Choose plan

Three Bonded Managed Starlink Service

  • Up to 750Mbps downloads
  • Unlimited Starlink Data
  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • 24/7/365 NOC monitored
Choose plan

Clients are loving our Managed Starlink internet solutions!

Robert Roy
“Metro Wireless has been a trusted partner of Iroquois for many years. They provide us wireless bandwidth, cellular boosters for our plants, and dial tone.”

Robert Roy

Sr. Director of IT, Iroquois Industries Inc

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