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Do you need reliable dedicated Internet for your business? Metro Wireless has you covered with the fastest and most reliable services available. Leading wireless internet service provider (ISP) in Michigan (MI).

Custom Network Solutions

Do you need a custom SD-WAN or data solution? We can provide the perfect alternative delivery method to keep your business running 24/7/365.

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Our connections are fast, secure and reliable. We offer many of the latest high availability solutions at great prices. Stop struggling with an inadequate Internet connection now!

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A Full Suite of Wireless Products Tailored for Your Business

“We needed a quick and affordable way to gain diverse Internet access when our Comcast connection has problems. Metro Wireless is the best way for businesses to gain a solid and reliable connection in our area” – Joseph Moeller, Guidepoint Systems Inc.

Metro Wireless can elevate your business above the competition. We can deliver up to 10,000 MBPS ultra low latency solutions with 99.99% uptime. We specialize in super fast installs and cater to any size business.

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Redefining Business Class Wireless Internet Service Provider


– Fixed Wireless
– Up to 5000Mbps
– 99.99% Uptime SLA
– Ultra Low Latency <10ms
– Edge Router Included
– Quick Installs
– 24Hr Support


– Full Turn Key Solutions
– Increase Cellular Coverage
– Indoor and Outdoor Solutions
– Supports and Carriers and Bands
– Managed Controller Solution
– Custom Hardware Configurations


– Uninterupted Power
– Network Connectivity
– Climate Control
– Ultra Secure


– Hosted PBX
– Predictive Dialer
– Over 160 Custom Features
– Feature Rich Customer Portal


– Fixed Wireless
– Up to 10000Mbps
– Dedicated Symmetrical Bandwidth
– Ethernet and Private Line Services
– 99.99% Uptime
– Ultra Low Latency <10ms
– Edge Router Included


– Turn Key WIFI Solutions
– SMB and Enterprise Options
– Indoor and Outdoor Nodes
– Managed Controller Options
– Latest Technologies Available
– Professional Engineering
– Hotspot 2.0 and Carrier Options


– Wireline Quality Performance
– Nationwide Carrier Network
– Ultra Secure and Reliable
– Cloud Enabled


– Cloud Storage
– Virtual Servers
– Cloud Based Monitoring
– IP And Reverse DNS Allocation


– Cost Effective
– Instant Installation
– Reliable
– High Speed

Business today is all about connection. Internal connection with your team and other supports, and external connection with your customers, both existing and potential, is imperative. When that connection is lost, even for a moment, the ramifications can be costly in so many major ways, being detrimental to sales, efficiency, time, trust, and more. At Metro Wireless, we have a deep appreciation for how critical the importance of having not only fast, but reliable, Internet is to the daily health and success of your business. We pride ourselves on being the leading Internet provider in Michigan that professionals can turn to for all their Internet service needs.

Your connection matters

As experienced and quality Internet service providers (ISP) across Michigan, we know firsthand the challenges businesses have dealt with over the years around getting a fast, secure Internet connection. We also understand the necessity in having high-speed Internet service for any business regardless of industry or size. This comes from both our first-hand experience, as well as that of the valued clients we’ve stepped in to assist in improving all their Internet service challenges. A business’s daily efficiency, their customer relations and retention, their profitability, and ultimately their growth all depend upon high-speed Internet connections they can count on at all times. That reliance on fast connection and advanced technology is only going to grow as we move into the future.

As the best Internet provider in Michigan, Metro Wireless elevates all business functions

When we think about our business day, the tech devices and services we rely on are numerous. Our computers, mobile devices, shared file accessibility, video conferencing, VOIP and POS systems, nothing works optimally, or at all, without a quality high-speed Internet connection. Our employee’s productivity and our customer care depend directly upon it, which means so too do our business development and our profitability. When you need the most reliable and skilled Internet provider Warren, MI, Metro Wireless has the understanding, the experience, and the technology to get any business set up for success today, and into the future.

Metro Wireless knows every business is unique. Creating customized ISP solutions is what we do.

At Metro Wireless, our team thrives on creating customized solutions. We’re here to listen to what your unique ISP needs are and develop the best plan that meets your needs on your budget. Whatever your business expectations and requirements, Metro Wireless is proud to be your chosen Internet provider in Warren, MI. We know what it takes to elevate your business beyond your competition, and we believe in delivering results fast with our ultra-fast installs no matter your business size. This includes providing the ideal amount of performance any sized business needs with up to 10,000 MBPS low-latency solutions and 99.99 percent uptime. That’s our guarantee.

A solution for every business

Our extensive experience working with businesses on ISP across Michigan has shown that there is no one solution or package deal for any given business. The best strategy is not always the most expensive or the most powerful. At Metro Wireless, we offer a range in Internet connection products, services, and packages so your business can optimally bundle as-needed by your business, not someone else’s. We use only the latest hardware, and we connect your business to the fastest and most reliable network every time.

Trust Metro Wireless to take your business where you’ve always envisioned

As the preferred business Internet provider in Michigan, Metro Wireless is leading the telecommunications and wireless communications realms towards exciting developments that are moving businesses into the future. How are we doing this? It starts with the most cutting-edge technologies and intuitive products. We take that core initiative and layer it with above and beyond support and service by our dynamic team of clever and talented professionals who are united by their love of technology and people-focused in all they do.

We’re in the business of keeping your business running and ahead of the competition with the most advanced features and ISP connection services. Because we stand behind this belief, we’re here for our business clients as their trusted Internet provider in Warren, MI, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long.

Metro Wireless was founded in 2013 with the goal of becoming the nation's #1 provider of enterprise grade high speed wireless Internet service.

Throwback Thursday!

Remember the days when a 56K dial up modem would knock your socks off?!

While slow, dial up internet did enable a lot of commercial connectivity across the nation!

Oh, and we still offer dedicated fax lines, for those customers who demand it! 😉

Want a fiber-like internet experience delivered at affordable coax broadband pricing?

Try our asymmetrical fixed wireless internet, MetroBURST!

Pricing typically falls below $250/mo, and is available throughout Metro Detroit. Primary connection or add a backup!


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