SIM-only Wireless Data Plans

LTE / 5G data plans for your business. Available across all cellular carriers with unlimited or shared data pools.

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What are SIM-only wireless data plans?

Wireless LTE / 5G data plans are SIM-only data plans that commercial users integrate into their existing wireless capable hardware in order to provide connectivity. Firewalls, cyber security appliances, remote video surveillance systems and point-of-sale (POS) hardware are examples where wireless data plans can enhance commercial connectivity.

Adding a data plan to existing capable hardware is a cost effective solution to adding primary or failover connectivity where it’s needed. MSPs often integrate our SIM-based data plans into their client’s hardware for remote monitoring and failover needs.


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What makes our Wireless Data plans great?

Further, since we leverage all major carriers, we offer clients the ability to unify their SIM management by offering consolidated billing and a single point of support. For example, with our multi carrier services, if a client has an issue with a particular cellular carrier, we’ll solution switching them to a better performing carrier.

Our wireless data plans are available across all major cellular carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, and ATT. As the agonistic third party, Metro Wireless doesn’t push any carrier to its clients. Rather, we perform a site study to discover which carrier has the best coverage at each site and only thus only sell the proper solution.

Available with your favorite  wireless carriers!

We partner with all the major US cellular carriers to ensure you have LTE and 5G coverage anywhere! As the agnostic third party, Metro Wireless will only recommend carriers who have the best coverage for your site.

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Clients are loving our SIM-only data plans!
Daniel Kovacs
“Metro Wireless is my go to provider for unlimited data SIM cards across all the cellular carriers. Working with Metro is easier than working with the carrier directly, especially on multi-site solutions where a mix of the cellular carriers are utilized.”

Daniel Kovacs

Chief Revenue Officer,  KH Communications

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