Fixed Wireless

MetroWAVE and MetroBURST Services


High Speed Microwave Internet Service for Businesses: Rapid Deployment Wireless Ethernet

The Fastest, Most Reliable High Speed Wireless Network for Any Business. Period.

Discover Why Businesses are Switching Their Most Mission Critical Applications to Metro Wireless. High speed business Internet, blazing fast in fact, is what you need.

When we deliver your connection, we will stand behind our service and provide you with real world information about the status and health of your service. We proactively monitor our end user connections to ensure the greatest possible availability and throughput for our end users. If and we detect an issue, we typically reach out to make sure everything is OK with our service.

Although our philosophy may be somewhat uncommon in the world of telecommunications, we believe customer service just as important as the quality of the connection. Metro Wireless is happy to have your business and will strive for continued success in delivering every day of the year

MetroWAVE is our premier high capacity fixed wireless offering for businesses. For over 5 years, Metro Wireless has served businesses with the fastest, lowest latency wireless services available. We also provide Layer 2 point to point (P2P) services and MPLS over wireless.

Speeds up to 10000 Mbps Available

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Options

Ultra Low Latency

99.99% Uptime and Speed SLA

Full Featured FIrewall/Router Included

Typical Install Time 14 Days

Service Tiers
*Contact sales@metrowireless.com for more information or get a QUOTE here. Not all plans available in all areas.


Simplified SD-WAN for Ultimate Performance


Advanced Service Requires Advanced Hardware

Metro Wireless was founded in 2013 with the goal of becoming the nation's #1 provider of enterprise grade high speed wireless Internet service.

🏙️The @DowntownDet Partnership annual meeting was a remarkable event featuring companies and stand out people who all share a common vision. We were proud to be invited to attend as an ISP and look forward to our commitment to Downtown Detroit’s continued transformation!

📢 We are pleased to announce our recent partnership with @TCGPartners. Metro Wireless, a leading nationwide business ISP, will cooperatively work to deliver the best telecom services nationally. We greatly value all of our telecom relationships and look forward to growth!

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