Are you looking for a complete out-the-door Internet solution for your business? Too many confusing a la carte menu options from your provider got you confused? We’d like to introduce you to MetroWAN, a complete service that will provide you with all of the necessities.

Ah, yes, the new buzz term, “SD-WAN”. But what does it really mean to your business? SD-WAN, Software Defined Wide Area Networking, is a service that has many advantages. Now, enter our SD-WAN service Internet packages version of this new technology, MetroWAN. MetroWAN will utilize business Internet with faster less expensive and easier to manage results. Simply, it reduces costs, mitigates risks, deploys quickly, has easy metrics, and makes your daily life less stressful. Why? The reason is that it works behind the scenes to offer you the peace of mind of seamlessly integrating multiple new or existing business Internet connections into a smoother, faster circuit with less downtime.

MetroWAN is a new experience from Metro Wireless. You can now fortify your business with various MetroWAN Bundles, SD-WAN service internet provider that will be suited to meet your specific business needs. We truly do offer competitive solutions at competitive rates and are confident that with our packages, you will be gaining the best value. If you are a business that would like to greatly simplify and reduce complexity across a few locations or a span of hundreds, this is your all-in-one solution. Thought about larger deployments or multi-location sites? With MetroWAN, easily track them all with outage alerts and instant notifications. Unparalleled scalability for your WAN is available today and ISP and local loop issue will be a distant memory of the past. This service will greatly increase availability of single and multi-threaded Ethernet services, period.

Don’t want to worry about dropping calls? Static IP’s, VoIP priority, RDP priority, portal access, email alerts, 24/7 support, performance SLA, & more. Let MetroWAN take your worries away.

Did we mention that with any of our tailored MetroWAN bundles, your business receives our MetroLTE service at no additional cost? Yes, that means that not only is it compatible with our MetroLTE solution, but it’s also included! Already have our MetroLTE service? MetroWAN allows you to bundle it with up to two additional Internet connections such as fiber, coax, dsl, or others, to create an improved and simplified failover SOLUTION under one bill. How simple is that?

What can MetroWAN offer your business?

-Ultra redundancy

-Single IP Block Instant Failover

-Solves Packet Loss Problems

-Keeps you online, 99.99% or greater up-time

-Simplifies your deployment for remote locations

-Compatible with security appliances, firewall, etc.

-Aggressive rates

-Bonding and smoothing

-Wireless backup options

-P2P services

-Performance alerts and online portal interface

Small and large business alike can greatly benefit from our new MetroWAN complete solution. With service tiers ranging from 50 Mbps to 2000 Mbps, there is a solution to meet your needs. Recently, we had a customer approach us extremely frustrated about their failover. Power outages and an unstable network had them flopping all over the place and they were not able to conduct business as needed. A bouncing network can really create a headache! Immediately upon working with us and bundling these opportunities, they are no longer concerned about any Internet needs and can focus on their business as usual. Headache gone.

Contact us today so that we may analyze your needs with you and provide your business the service bundle that it needs and deserves. Whether your Business Internet and bundle needs are in the Metro Detroit area or nationwide, we are here to help all of your business Internet needs.