SD-WAN Business Services Managed by Metro Wireless

Are you Ready to Supercharge your Network?

Software Defined (SD-WAN) Ethernet Networking Services

Do you need a better solution for managing multiple business Internet connections at one or more locations? Would you like to have your voice traffic auto prioritize from end to end with ease? These are just a few reasons why SD-WAN could be right for you.

Robust High Availability Network for Businesses

We offer the latest hardware on the fastest, most reliable network. Metro Wireless’s SD-WAN deployment is over 3 years in the making. Our experience with our solution and platform is hard to beat and we are ready to serve you now. Backup Internet at multiple locations has never been easier.

High Speeds with 99.99% Uptime Guarantee on Services

Cloud computing, latency-sensitive (realtime and interactive) applications such as VoIP, video conferencing and virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) thrive with MetroWAN services. For business who wish to minimize downtime, MetroWAN is a fantastic approach.

Voice Calls Continue No Matter Which Path is Active

Voice services are prioritized automatically and we provide nearly seamless fail-over or bonded active-active architectures to keep your calls going. ISP and local loop issues are greatly reduced in virtually all instances.

User Interface for Cloud Deployments and Multiple Services

Keep track of larger deployments with our award winning cloud platform. Set up outage alerts and notify your contacts when an issue occurs at any location. This allows unparalleled your network to expand in a scalable and secure way.


Reduce Costs and Mitigate Risks

Deliver a Great User Experience

Utilise Existing Connections Better

Simplified SD-WAN Management

Deploy Branch Offices Quickly

Metrics and Info about All Locations

MetroWAN Service Tiers

Small to Medium Business SD-WAN Service

Medium to Large Business SD-WAN Service

Large and Enterprise Business SD-WAN Service


 Simplified SD-WAN for Ultimate Performance

Metro Wireless was founded in 2013 with the goal of becoming the nation’s #1 provider of enterprise grade high speed wireless Internet service.

👋 What an honor to have attended the 19th Annual Great Lakes Women's Business Council Conference as an ISP. We met so many powerful dedicated women at this event. The conference was an unforgettable event that we feel deeply privileged to have attended.


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