These days, every business relies on their internet connection in order to keep things running smoothly. With the increased use of Cloud storage, mobile devices, and hybrid work from home models, using the best fixed wireless internet at the office is becoming more and more important.

What is Fixed Wireless?

Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is fixed wireless internet? Simply put, it is a broadband internet connection that connects using radio signals. The signals transmit data from your business to your ISP’s tower. It is that simple.

Why Switch to Fixed Wireless Internet?

There are so many internet options available for your business. Why is wireless internet the best choice? Here are three ways that fixed wireless internet makes the most sense these days:

1)  Ultra-low latency

The best fixed wireless internet has extremely low latency. This means that the system is able to process high volumes of data quickly. With ultra-low latency fixed wireless internet, there is very little delay when data is being transferred. The best systems give users real-time response—no more pausing as pages load or files are saved.

When the internet connection cannot keep up with your employees, it becomes a problem. Productivity decreases and employee dissatisfaction increases when people are being held back by slow or bad connections. Switching to the best fixed wireless internet can solve a lot of issues and help your business move forward.

2)  Easy to Install

Unlike other types of wired internet, fixed wireless internet does not require much to install it. There is very little cost or time involved with setting up a new fixed wireless internet connection. Typically, all you need to do is have a dish fitted onto your building and install a router. Each location can differ slightly, but our team at Metro Wireless can walk you through what installation steps will be necessary.

3)  Extremely reliable

When you choose to work with the best fixed wireless internet provider, you will enjoy an extremely reliable connection. Fixed wireless internet is not a shared connection, so it doesn’t slow down when other businesses are also using their connections at peak times. This type of internet connection also allows for super-fast speeds. At Metro Wireless, we are proud to offer incredibly reliable connections to keep our clients’ businesses connected at all times.

Choosing the Best Fixed Wireless Internet Provider

While fixed wireless internet is a great option, not all providers are created equal. At Metro Wireless, we pride ourselves in offering the best fixed wireless internet available. With our premier high-capacity fixed wireless services, we offer:

  Speeds up to 10,000 mbps

  Symmetrical and asymmetrical options

•  Ultra-low latency

•  99.9% uptime and speed SLA

  Full featured firewall/router included

  Fast installation time

Our team here at Metro Wireless is committed to customer service. We know how important a reliable and convenient internet connection is to the success of your business. We are constantly monitoring our systems to ensure that each customer is getting the best connection possible. We are proud to offer the best fixed wireless internet—it is fast, reliable, and has the lowest latency.