Since we now live in a digital age, it has never been easier, yet more complicated, for small businesses to increase their following, reach out to a wider audience and witness sporadic growth. All of those can basically be achieved through the help of social media platforms. But here comes a primary issue. Where you place your business on multiple social media platforms, how can you manage it all and keep track of exactly what you are doing, without getting it all disorganized? Well, you might look into employing different persons to handle different social media platforms, but the problem created by technology is also best solved by technology. Hence, here are some top social media management tools that can turn your quagmire into utility.

Social Media Management Tools for Business in 2019



If you are using multiple accounts, and it is getting overwhelming or difficult to manage all of these accounts and gather the necessary information and feedbacks, HootSuite is seemingly a great option to consider. Hootsuite allows you to add accounts, thereby handling your multiple accounts under one dashboard, while measuring feedbacks and necessary information from the necessary quarters. HootSuite is packed and backed by a lot of features, and while some of them are free, the majority of them are to be gotten at a price – paid services. Should you choose to hop on HootSuite after subscribing to the service and adding accounts, you authorize HootSuite to manage your accounts and watch all of your accounts get magnetized in synergy. Minus the ease HootSuite grants you in handling accounts, it also enables you to get a post scheduled to be posted, or reposted, across all your added social media platforms. You do not really need to learn so much here; HootSuite has the training platform to help you navigate through it. It is easily the best when the services are matched with the price.


buffer logo

When it comes to the best tool for scheduling through your social media platforms, maybe Buffer takes the top on this one. The tool helps you share a post and further helps you repost the post on your available social media platforms. It even gives you the luxury of scheduling the posts for each social media platform, as well as customizing the post for individual social media platforms. Buffer does not just share your post across your available social media platforms, it also gives you feedback as to how the post is fairing, the reactions, interactions and impressions gained as well. Buffer does have free starter options and also paid ones depending on your small and big business needs.


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IFTTT is an acronym for “If This Then That”, and it is a social media management tool that is as easy as it is complicated. In any case, the tool helps you save a lot of time and escape a lot of stress you would have otherwise suffered if you were to manage all of your social media accounts yourself. The tool works based on a “trigger” and “action” kind of model, and if used properly, it indeed will turn out to be a great automation tool. Typically, all you need do is create a “trigger” and the tool responds with an “action”. For example, say you drop a post on Instagram – the trigger – you may have it already set that such post is reposted on Facebook – the action. Another example should be if you get your name mentioned on Facebook – the trigger – you should immediately get notified via mail – the action. Simplistically complicated eh?


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Very similar to Hootsuite, but Raven is more ideal for folks with a greater number of social media accounts that can reasonably be managed. On Raven, outside of distributing content across your available social media platforms – which Hootsuite also does – you can review mentions and impressions and also get accustomed to data created by these posts on the social media platforms. Raven provides you with SEO tools, and peculiar content management software. It further gives you the luxury of integrating data from all of your social media platforms, and even other social media management tools, under one umbrella. Raven has a variety of free trials with paid options too.

Google Analytics.


Google analytics is another tool that can help manage your social media accounts into one seamless exercise. Particularly popular with Google Analytics is that outside giving unique reports on each post posted on a social media platform, it goes a step ahead and provides more pertinent reports such as the particular success of posts on a platform compared to another. Say, Google Analytics can do something like tells you how a particular post both posted on Facebook and Twitter had greater impressions and interactions on Facebook, than on Twitter. Listed and explained above are some of the top social media management tools particularly for small business. You do not really need to shut down those accounts – you never really know when they can be of immense use and come in really handy. Also, you are somewhat a small business – it is not so advisable to spend out of your mini-budget employing folks to help you manage your social media accounts. As has been said, the same problem created by technology can best be solved by technology. This list is not exhaustive of all the social media management tools that can help your small business, however, it is a fair and reasonable start that is worth a shot. Get on any of these platforms and see how you can further help your business grow through social media, and social media management. Which platform is the right one for your business? Consider the size of your business, the number of times your business would like to post on social media, and how involved you would like your platform of choice to be. With so many free trial and free tier options, it doesn’t hurt to give them a try, play around with them, and decide which fits the needs of your business best.