Increase MDU property profitability: monetize tenant internet & WiFi access

December 5, 2023

MDU Managed Internet & WiFi

Enhance MDU property NOI by selling internet and WIFi to tenants

In the rapidly evolving digitizing, connectivity is more than just a simple luxury. It is a necessity. In the world of the MDUs or the Multi-Dwelling Units where several residents coexist in the shared sphere, an efficient and robust WiFi system is essential. MDU WiFi, always known as the Multi-Dwelling Unit WiFi, often caters to the distinctive challenges and the needs of the living spaces.

Metro Wireless initiates retrofitting the custom network cabling supporting the rental properties under operations today for the implementation of the future-proofing sustainable infrastructure. You can expect higher returns on your investments with the help of the managed WiFi by Metro Wireless for the MDU communities, which eases the operations of any team dealing with internal property management

The upgraded networks are more likely to serve a vital function for multifamily communities with the latest technologies that depend on high-speed, advanced internet connectivity. Today, residents have to upgrade the bandwidth supporting every device, including smart room upgrades like automated light treatments and thermostats. The Internet requirements are growing along with new technologies like augmented reality and the metaverse, which continue to increase in importance.

Let us dive into the things you should know about monetizing MDU internet and WiFi.

Understanding MDU Managed WiFi

MDU WiFi is the unique wireless network infrastructure designed to offer high-speed and reliable internet access across numerous residences in a single building or a complex. These are the units, including the condominiums, apartments, dormitories, and other shared living spaces.

The Need for Managed WiFi in Multi-Dwelling Units

These days, WiFi is an important utility for almost every resident. Residents would expect the WiFi to start operating efficiently and turning on the shower, whether it is in apartment complexes, student housing, or assisted living facilities.

The National Multifamily Housing Council performed a survey for the residents in 2020, finding the better essence of high-speed Internet. The surveys stated that high-speed Internet had been important to around 91.7% of the apartment residents. The surveys have even found that this pre-installed WiFi had been important to around 74.8% of the residents. Furthermore, 41.5% of the residents had been telecommuting to them working right from their homes.

The residents are more likely to have multiple smartphones, computers, smart TVs, and gaming consoles, all of which are connected over the same network. Furthermore, numerous residents are working from home, which further highlights the requirement for a secure and stable internet connection. It is challenging, which is complex too; however, it becomes the difference for the tenant in search of one apartment or the other.

The entire WiFi network should have better coverage with easier access and other traffic. The residents would often expect to have access to the blazing-fast internet connection speeds for luxury MDUs. The property owners of the MDUs generally do not need to plan for the additional utility of the past.

The MDU operators left their residences to bring their network connections right to their living spaces. Whenever the residents implement their solutions, there are often several issues with interference. These are the residents who need better network performance and spotty coverage options. But things have changed.

Sell Internet and WiFi to Tenants

Managed WiFi for MDUs

The MDU property managers and contractors are also offering WiFi rights to their residents. The MDU-managed WiFi has instantly turned out as the standard offering. The residents no longer have the service providers land at their houses to set up the WiFi. In this instance, the service provider will operate directly with the contractors and the property owners for pre-planning the WiFi network of the property, deploying every access point, and ensuring optimal network connectivity and coverage.

WLAN or the Wireless Local-Area Network would ensure that every resident and guest has access to high-speed Internet. Every resident can easily access the Internet on any of their devices. The additional service offerings might appear like a headache for the operators and the owners who have offered their services; however, the managed WiFi is beneficial for the MDUs.

Key Features of MDU WiFi

Scalability: MDU WiFi systems are highly scalable, indicating that they would easily accommodate the growing demand for connectivity, like the number of users or devices that grow.

High-Speed Connectivity: To meet the growing needs of several users, the MDU WiFi systems are engineered to deliver top-speed internet access. It is vital for meeting the numerous activities like video conferencing, streaming, and online gaming.

Secure Networks: Security is the main priority across the MDU WiFi installations. The robust encryption protocols and the authentication mechanisms get implemented, ensuring the data of the residents stays protected and confidential out of potential cyber threats.

Centralized Management: MDU WiFi networks are often centrally managed, enabling the administrators to monitor and control the network efficiently. The centralized approach simplifies the troubleshooting, overall maintenance, and updates.

Challenges and Solutions

Interference: Interference from neighboring WiFi networks can become challenging across densely populated regions. MDU WiFi systems often use advanced technologies like channel optimization and beamforming to reduce interference and ensure connection stability.

Building Structure: The building's construction materials affect the WiFi signal strength. MDU WiFi providers employ the strategic placement of every access point and signal boosters to overcome the structural hurdles.

User Density: A higher user density often strains the network resources. The MDU WiFi solutions get addressed through the intelligent distribution of the bandwidth based on the user demands and the emphasis on the critical applications for the best experience.

Monetize Hotel Managed WiFi

Benefits of Managed WiFi

The multi-dwelling unit owners and the operators would hugely benefit from the managed WiFi. The recently added services would attract more tenants and would keep your current tenants happier. There are a huge number of perks that the MDU owners would enjoy by accepting WiFi.

New Revenue Stream

The operations and the owning of the multi-dwelling units are costlier. The managed WiFi offers their owners and the operators a new path generating the streams of revenue. The bulk WiFi enables the property owners to resell the WiFi services to their residents. The Management would roll down the cost of the WiFi into their monthly rent. Numerous other potential revenue opportunities go beyond just reselling WiFi that the MDU owners and the operators would benefit from.

The Internet of Things devices would open up new streams of revenue. Millennials are often attracted to the energy savings of applications and smart devices. Around 86% of millennials will start paying 20% more in their rents for the smart technologies. The MDU owners would offer their residents various smart home services. The residents would buy advanced services from the Management, like home surveillance cameras, smart thermostats, and many more.

Keep Residents and Attract New Residents

Replacing the residents is an expensive monetary involvement that every MDU property owner and the management encounters. MDU management would emphasize a lot more on their WiFi offerings to their future and current residents. The high-density WiFi ensures that the residents can start connecting to several devices easily. It will enhance the offerings of the building, keeping the current tenants and attracting new ones.

Protect Residents

The residents installing their WiFi are at greater risk through efficient cyberattacks. The hackers would gain management networks while stealing valuable data and disrupting the building systems. The MDU management can safeguard the residents from potential hackers with the help of the managed WiFi. MDU owners and operators have started to invest in the appropriate technology that has cybersecurity results.

Reduced Operational Costs

The managed WiFi aids the owners and the operators in reducing their costs. There have been studies that have discovered that WiFi-enabled IoT devices reduce the cost of energy, maintenance of the building, and spatial Management by 30%.

The specific functionalities like the locks, energy efficiency, and in-building messages would enhance with the MDU-managed WiFi. Smart applications can aid in MDUs, reducing the whole costs. The higher energy use is an issue faced by the MDUs. The smart lockers for the package dropoff, leak sensors in the water heaters, and smart thermostats aid in reducing operational costs.

Advanced Technologies in MDU WiFi

  • Mesh Networking: MDU WiFi has started to leverage mesh networking, a technology where several access points work together to create seamless and extended network coverage. It is specifically useful in larger or architecturally complex buildings to ensure that each corner has a reliable WiFi signal.
  • Quality of Service (QoS): To emphasize the varied forms of internet traffic, MDU WiFi systems would start implementing the Quality of Service protocols. It would ensure that bandwidth gets allocated efficiently, offering priority to time-sensitive applications like online gaming or calls.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Integration: The MDU WiFi systems are designed to accommodate these connected devices with the smart homes, and the IoT devices are highly prevalent. The integration would boost the entire living experience by supporting devices like smart thermostats, smart appliances, and security cameras.
  • Guest Networks: MDU WiFi solutions generally offer the better option in setting up the guest networks to offer a secure way for the residents to grant temporary access to the visitors without compromising the security of the main network.

Security Measures in MDU WiFi

  • WPA3 Encryption: The WPA3 is the highly advanced and latest WiFi security protocol. MDU WiFi systems often implement WPA3 encryption to safeguard the data of the residents from potential cyber threats.
  • Firewall Protection: The built-in firewalls would add a layer of security, controlling and monitoring the incoming and outgoing network traffic. It would aid in preventing unauthorized access and protecting the residents from malicious activities.
  • Regular Security Audits: To stay ahead of the potential risks, the MDU WiFi providers would often conduct regular security audits. It is the proactive approach ensuring that the network stays resilient against emerging risks and threats.

Customization and Resident Control

  • Bandwidth Management Tools: The residents might have the option of customizing and managing their bandwidth allocation on the basis of individual requirements. The flexibility would enable the users to prioritize the use of the Internet on the basis of their choices.
  • User-Friendly Interfaces: MDU WiFi systems often arrive with user-friendly interfaces accessible through web portals or mobile apps. These interfaces empower residents to independently manage their network settings, view usage statistics, and troubleshoot common issues.
  • Tech Support and Assistance: The dedicated support systems are the main hallmark of the MDU WiFi services. The residents can generally access technical support for help with connectivity issues to ensure instant resolution to the problems.
Apartment Building Managed WiFi

Integration of 5G Technology

MDU WiFI systems evolve the incorporation of the 5G connectivity with the advent of the 5G technology. Next-generation wireless technology often promises faster speeds and low latency that would enhance the entire performance of the MDU WiFi networks. The integration of 5G would ensure that the MDU residents would enjoy cutting-edge connectivity to take the full benefit of emerging technologies demanding ultra-fast internet speeds.

Energy Efficiency and Green Initiatives

Several MDU WiFi providers would aim for sustainability and energy efficiency. They use energy-efficient hardware, and the implementation of the power-saving aspects with the MDU WiFi systems contributes to reducing the entire environmental effect. Furthermore, a couple of providers are adopting greener initiatives like using renewable energy sources powering the network infrastructure, which aligns with the growing emphasis on environmentally conscious practices.

Revenue-Generating Services

The managed WiFi offers a better Internet experience for each tenant. However, it would lay a robust foundation for every MDU operator, allowing the new services that are highly valuable to the tenants, generating new incremental revenues that go above and beyond WiFi. Several of these are based on the Internet of Things or the IoT technologies that the analysts expect to transform the MDU industries over the next couple of years. The following are the potential opportunities included here:

Senior living centers and services

MDU WiFi would support a massive range of overlaid applications for asset, safety, telemetry people tracking, and a lot more. For instance, several senior living residents would currently pay a third party for the services related to the emergency alerts if they would fall. MDU owners would offer revenue-generating services such as these and several others on their own with the ubiquitous managed WiFi.

Residential apartment and student housing services

MDU owners would offer their tenants various new Smart Home services and applications, boosting security while enhancing the lie's quality. It would include applications related to home automation, like lighting, thermostats, and window blinds. It would even include advanced security services like the ability to buzz the visitors in with the help of a smartphone, remotely locking or opening the doors to get the packages, or checking into the home surveillance cameras while away. The MDU owners would offer services such as these as their add-on subscriptions or build them into their monthly rents. Either way, the property would stand out to your tenants as a state-of-the-art, technology-based apartment complex.

Elevate Your Living Experience with MDU WiFi!

Metro Wireless ensures that the property managers and owners have the best solution for managing the property's WiFi capabilities. The fiber backbone would ensure that the tenants have access to high-speed internet services.

The multi-dwelling unit owners and operators should ensure that their residents gain access to secure, stable WiFi everywhere on their property. The residents would enjoy an enhanced quality of life and be more likely to stay in their current living conditions. Furthermore, the MDU owners and operators would create new streams of revenue by offering their WiFi in bulk.

Experience the entire future for connected living with the MDU WiFi. Enjoy the top-speed Internet with smart home integrations with the vibrant community atmosphere here. Try elevating your digital lifestyle by connecting with us today and becoming part of the seamlessly connected community here!

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