Considerations for a Managed WiFi solution

July 18, 2023

Business Managed WiFi Solutions

Several businesses are starting to move towards highly innovative solutions delivering mission-based WiFi to their daily operations with every dynamic of the professional environments and the challenges of wireless connectivity.

Implementing a managed WiFi solution offers the ideal solutions to the cost and the frustrations for the daily entrepreneurs with the businesses operating CRO and the support that involves the CIO, whether you have several locations or a small IT team. Here it would help if you outsourced your WiFi.

Traditional WiFi Trending Towards Managed WiFi

These days, businesses generally buy their networking infrastructure from value-added resellers or VARs who would act as a "middle-man" between the end-users and the distributors. Generally, VARs sell hardware like switches, access points, firewalls, controllers, and performance sensors; a few would go well beyond the networking equipment.

There is also a major issue with the system, as most VARs will need to offer the right professional services with the equipment supplied to their customers. 

At Metro Wireless, we have always mentioned that the application drives the infrastructure, indicating that whatever you are doing or planning to do would determine how the networks are designed and what you require to gain the success that industry-leading engineers do.

As WiFi involves ongoing management and engineering to achieve the best results where most of the resellers cannot deliver, businesses are no longer settling for only the product.

They need their entire network packaged right to ensure that it gets engineered correctly at the front end and then gets managed for them during the post-sales and implementation at the backend, guaranteeing performance. It is the reason why there are a lot of businesses that are shifting to managed WiFi Solutions.

What is Managed WiFi?

Expanding businesses' wireless networks involves continuous monitoring to ensure that every employee, user, and guest gets a secure and immediate connection. The managed service providers must get looped in to ensure your wireless LAN or WLAN is up and operating.

Whenever we consider Cloud-based WiFi as the path to the future, it is easier to know that a managed WLAN solution is more than just the coordination of access for the employees.

Commercial Managed WiFi
Commercial Managed WiFi

Managed WiFi is also known as Smart WiFi; however, it is more than just the smart access points. Frequently, it is a distinctively constructed enterprise-grade system established of distributed WiFi access points, switches, controllers, high-quality cabling, and Smart WLAN.

The system is specifically designed by the Cloud Solution Provider, the CSP, the Managed Service Provider, or the MSP specializing in WaaS or the WiFi service.

Why Managed WiFi for Businesses?

The higher use of the smartphone, which is recently over 3 billion globally, and the rise of BYOD enterprises have increased connectivity. Other than this, it is to offer faster and safer connectivity to the rising number of diverse devices where WiFi is needed.

The use of the Internet has exploded with the advent of web-based applications and social media platforms. Did you ever know that your employees representing your business on the Internet would often require more than email accounts to get it done?

Connectivity is key to keeping your business operating against the competition, whether you have a larger corporate enterprise or a smaller business housed in a single location. It allows you to communicate with the business community, perform competitor and product research and operate ad campaigns.

Your business IT team might often think that they have this; however, upgrading the WiFi network results in your employees needing help connecting.

Shifting to the managed service provider for your WiFi is ideal; some employees often like managed services. Here are a couple of reasons explaining the reason why choosing managed WiFi is the sound decision.

1. Managed WiFi Is Cost-Effective

You can effectively reduce the costs for internal IT with the help of the managed solution. Alternatively, the MSPs consistently implement the best wireless solutions that form a fraction of what hiring the in-house staff that manages the IT support would cost. MSPs know the annual licensing requirements are connected to the enterprise WiFi solution.

The managed WiFi provider can ensure that you are not encountering additional expenses for reestablishing the access points or the services that get suspended due to the oversight of your in-house IT team. Everything gets installed, upgraded, timely and re-licensed. 

Fix Bad Office WiFi
Fix Bad Office WiFi

Other than this, as the managed WiFi provider would often start ordering more products, they avail the best ones with the distinctive discount they would pass onto you. Whenever you are purchasing better commercial WiFi, it is vital to get the best deals.

2. Access to Specialists

An outsourced team of experts can help ensure the uptime of the network. They are reliable and offer amazing support, making you and your company appear great to visitors, employees, and clients.

Understanding that you must outsource this part to your business is always good news. It is generally the byproduct of your company's growth mixed with your technological needs, bringing you to this juncture. Your IT team is highly skilled as they are in several things and never the Jack of all trades.

It is the right time to evaluate the shortlist of providers to determine the services you require of them and if they are worthy and credible of your trust. It is never an easy task; however, it is the one from which your company will benefit better.

Wireless technology is often linked to errors. At times devices decide the inconvenience is not playing nice any longer, as the managed wireless access point would occasionally burn out.

A well-managed WiFi provider is the one who calls up during an emergency. Consider them your life insurance with an additional expense until you require it. The well-managed WiFi works in the same manner.

3. Increased Security

The networks often get compromised under the best conditions, which is now more frequent than before. A good look at the online news would show a bleak picture ranging from data breaches to ransomware attacks. However, inadequate security or security configurations that do not exist become the main cause of these incidents.

Often, network security is noted as access control and logins; however, it goes beyond that. It can help if you have the appropriate equipment and people dealing with the strategic planning on your team.

The appropriately managed WiFi provider will start their process with a thorough discovery. It would aid them in determining how the businesses use the wireless networks with their specific functioning that the users would require accessing long before purchasing the single equipment.

4. Detailed Monitoring and Reporting

Your provider will learn more about you and your users on the network with round the clock proactive monitoring. Reports that offer greater details on your uplink performance, use of the network, and other main metrics allow business operation decisions that are more informed and much better. Other than this, it can aid you in making customizations to the networks based on the reports.

Managed Wireless WiFi Access Point
Managed Wireless WiFi Access Point

Unlike the older wireless equipment, the latest enterprise-grade system will enable you to manage the access points out of one controller. It would offer you a deeper knowledge of the applications or the employees using greater bandwidth whenever you have firewalls or gateway controllers.

Although traditional IT service providers cannot, your managed WiFi provider can inform you if you require even more bandwidth or are paying much more.

5. Informed WiFi System Upgrades Decisions

The equipment you purchase today typically has a complete life cycle of 36 months. You may even use them for about five years. Then, you are forced to upgrade due to the significant changes to the pricing structure, changes in the wireless standards, new mobile devices, and laptops that require you to upgrade your network infrastructure in distinctive ways or buy the latest access points.

Your latest business WiFi system that you have implemented would require regular updates and maintenance to increase security and boost performance. Several experts suggest getting it done on time and creating backups for the earlier configurations to safeguard you whenever something is amiss.

You would even have someone taking care of all within the managed WiFi provider as they will ensure that you are not having a minute of a glitch or a downtime.

6. Improved Experiences

Wifi is the customer or the user, which is the added value while working appropriately. Whenever your customer waits to meet you, they would comfortably inspect the email, check out the news, or browse the web. Their time in the reception will pass out instantly whenever they have this kind of distraction.

You should never consider the WiFi. It should operate, and using the managed WiFi provider would take you over the plateau. Alternatively, there are numerous customizations that your provider would implement at your request for a fixed bad business office WiFi. For instance, content filtering and bandwidth throttling are the primary features for controlling network use.

Beyond every control, you can use this WiFi network for advertising with a custom-designed splash page. These pages get branded and greet any great network user while educating them about your products and services. You would find that the clients appreciate this type of advertising and the ingenuity of the tech. Your business brand would get a great lift out of it.

7. Performance and Bandwidth Management

Effective bandwidth management is essential to maintain a top-quality WiFi experience. The well-managed WiFi solution should offer different features emphasizing the main applications while allocating the bandwidth accordingly. The QoS or the Quality of Service mechanisms are implemented to ensure that bandwidth-based applications like VoIO calls or video streaming would get the required resources without compromising the application performance.

8. Integration with Existing Infrastructure

Even consider how the managed WiFi solution integrates with your existing network infrastructure. Compatibility with the existing routers, switches, and network management systems is vital to ensure smooth deployment while reducing every disruption to the existing environment. Compatibility with other technologies like IoT devices, cloud services, and network analytics tools is beneficial for future innovation and expansion.

9. Redundancy and Failover

It is vital to assess the managed WiFi solution's failover and redundancy abilities to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. The redundant hardware, internet connections, and power supplies can help reduce downtime during a network failure. The solution has built-in failover mechanisms automatically switching to backup resources to maintain network availability.

Effective Futuristic Solution With Managed IT

The rapid adoption of managed WiFi services for your business can take the load off your IT team, allowing them to focus more on business-centric tasks like application development, software, and ERP. It allows you to get back into making your business run without thinking about the internet connectivity of your guests or employees.

The managed WiFi solution boosts your business and company's network performance, scalability, and security. With the appropriate solution, businesses can offer reliable and top-performing WiFi connectivity, leading to greater productivity, overall success, and customer satisfaction.

So, are you considering implementing a managed WiFi solution for your company? Pay attention to the varied benefits it brings to your network infrastructure. Reach us now to know more about our managed WiFi solutions that can help optimize the networks, ensuring a tailor-made experience for its users. Enhance security, boost productivity, and stay ahead of your competition with our cutting-edge managed WiFi solutions. Take your first stride towards the reliable and strong WiFi network to connect with us.

Connect with us today or visit our site scheduling to consult and discover different possibilities for the managed WiFi solution well-tailored to meet your company's needs. Do not wait any longer and start empowering your business with the premium WiFi experience today!

Tyler Hoffman