You likely don't need gigabit internet speeds for your small or medium business

June 26, 2023

Wireless Business Internet

Everything is about speed whenever there is an upgrade to the Gigabit Internet. However, consider changing to the Gigabit Internet delivered over fiber. In that case, it is well worth considering the business-wide perks that would flow from the astonishing high-speed fiber Internet. Your company can easily unlock the ability to use new digitally-based services for customer relationship management, vendor management, and other business processes, especially with the help of a gig of the Internet.

You might start improving the value of the employee's time, becoming better during the recruitment as the Millennial Generation expects high-speed Internet connectivity across the workplace and comfortably converging your data and voice networks.

If you wonder how Gigabit Internet is different here than fiber and high-speed Internet and how it benefits your business as you are on the right platform. Continue reading for the definition of the Gigabit Internet and learn how greater bandwidth and speed can easily change or modify the whole business.

What is gigabit internet?

You might often ask do I need gigabit internet for my business which is often referred to as "Gig-speed Internet" or "Gigabit Internet," mainly a broadband service offering download and upload speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second or Gbps. Place it into the outlook with the gigabit, which equals 1,000 megabits.

It indicates that with the Gig Internet, you can download a high-definition movie in seconds, stream 4K content without buffering, and instantly upload larger files. 

Gig Internet has shown the most notable leap forward compared to conventional broadband connections that generally offer a speed ranging from a few megabits to a couple of hundred megabits every second. 

With the gigabit speeds, the possibilities are limitless. It can open opportunities for advanced applications like virtual reality, the Internet Of Things or IoT, and augmented reality that needs high bandwidth and ultra-low latency.

Is Gigabit Internet Worth For Your Business? 

Upgrading to the Gigabit Internet is everything about speed. However, consider switching to the Gigabit Internet delivered over fiber. In that case, considering the business-wide perks that can flow out of the astonishingly high-speed fiber internet is worthwhile. Your company can easily unleash the ability to use the latest digitally-based services for customer relationship management, vendor management, and numerous other business processes.

Business Internet Speeds
Business Internet Speeds

You could enhance the value of the employee time, become better for recruitment as the Millennial Generation would often expect high-speed Internet connectivity in this workplace, and comfortably converge your data and voice networks.

Suppose you wonder how Gigabit Internet differs from high-speed Internet and fiber and how it benefits your business. In that case, we have everything for you to help transform your business and take it to the next level.

If you plan to build a case for better Gig Internet connectivity and know how much is 1 gig of the Internet, you must convince your boss that this upgrade means more than the Internet's lightning speed. Alternatively, 1000 Mbps of fiber Internet connectivity can move your company towards long-term goals. Financial and non-financial benefits are associated with the Gigabit Internet, including satisfied employees, enhanced company image, and much more. Let us check them out in detail below!

1. Better Video Conferencing

According to the study, the average business often saves around $33,000 yearly across travel costs by switching to video conferencing mode. But, the real ROI of good video conferencing and in-depth video chat adoption is not just a cost-saving option.

It mainly falls into categories like customer satisfaction. Will you ever get to imagine the damage to your company image if your Internet bandwidth drops due to network congestion during an ongoing meeting? Switching to the Gigabit Internet from the major ISPs like Metro Wireless can reduce the risk imposed on your reputation and satisfaction linked with the low-quality and slow speed of the Internet service.

2. Lightning-Fast Download and Upload Speeds

With a gig Internet connection, you can easily enjoy the blazing-fast downloading and uploading speeds. It is beneficial when transferring larger files, accessing cloud-based applications, or hosting video conferences. The faster speeds would improve productivity while reducing downtime.

3. Seamless Cloud Connectivity

Numerous businesses depend on cloud services for storing and accessing their data. A gig internet connection ensures uninterrupted and smoother connectivity to these cloud platforms allowing efficient collaboration, seamless access to vital business applications, and real-time data synchronization.

4. Improved Backup and Data Recovery

Regular data backups are vital to protect the valuable information of a business. The gig internet connection allows rapid backup and recovery processes, reducing the time needed for safeguarding your data and reducing the impact of potential disruptions.

5. Reduced Latency

Latency is the delays involved while you process the information through the Internet. The specific amount of latency in general. However, too much of this latency becomes a massive issue across workplace settings.

SMB Internet Speeds
SMB Internet Speeds

When you know how much is a gig of the Internet, then it goes a longer route toward minimizing the latency. It will make it easier for everyone to download the files, communicate with the team members, and move data across the cloud.

6. Digital Revenue Streams

Gigabit Internet opens the doors to new possibilities around digital changes, including the opportunities for your company to develop new digitally-based revenue streams. As noted, digitally-earned revenues have better financial characteristics than the traditional revenue stream. Developing diverse products and services in this fast-paced business climate secures your company's future.

There are numerous categories of ideas that companies can use this super-fast internet connection to create digitally-based revenue streams, such as:

  • Selling Existing Digital Assets: The existing digital assets are easily delivered and monetized through digital deliveries.
  • Digitize a Product or Service: The existing products or services might sometimes qualify for digital delivery, like digital-based consulting.
  • Sell Metered Revenue: Digital delivery enables the pay-as-you-go model for the service deliveries like eMedicine and Teledoctors.
  • Run a Platform-Based Business: SaaS or the Software-as-a-Service, on-demand applications, and other platforms.
  • Move into Adjacent or New Industries: Industries at risk can explore the development of entirely new business products and models.

7. More Value for Employee Time

Gigabit Internet can increase the value of your employee's time by reducing the time wasted by slow Internet connectivity. The amount of productivity and time squandered yearly through insufficient, unreliable Internet connectivity and bandwidth when the employees are stuck waiting for slower uploads and connectivity to get restored. As noted through a source, the slow Internet connectivity might account for around 8% of employee time and inactivity yearly.

Every minute an employee waits on the slow Internet is the minute they pay for the business. Companies are switching to increasingly digitally-based modes of communication and collaborations with the eventual rise in Internet costs.

Online applications and heavy-file sharing can increase the demands of bandwidth, which would reduce the speed of the Internet and lead to greater time spent waiting on the slower Internet. For numerous companies, the costs linked with upgrading the Gigabit Internet would lead to greater significant time savings for the employees.

8. Higher Employee Morale and Engagement

Employee engagement and the model add to the competitive advantage. Although engagement is the byproduct of the total employee experience, technology and the environment play a notable role in the effectiveness of the employees doing their jobs. The sub-par technology and the slower Internet connectivity would inhibit the employee's productivity.

The stressed, frustrated employees might contribute to the environment by dealing with lagging morale. Upgrading to the Gigabit Internet supports stronger Internet communications and better collaborations.

Gigabit Internet Speeds
Gigabit Internet Speeds

Whenever they combine with the other attributes of the workplace environment supporting stronger employee engagement, like the stronger employee recognition systems and a healthier company structure where your firm can appreciate jovial employees and better talent retention.

9. Robust Employee Recruitment

As noted through a recent survey, about 80% of millennials believe the agile work environment increases productivity, job satisfaction, and creativity. 

Recruiting the right talent to achieve and maintain a competitive edge requires the organization to get the appropriate technology to support the agile working styles, including versatile collaboration tools and mobile-optimized communication systems. Gigabit Internet over fiber is more likely at the core of the core, cloud-based communications.

The recent talent shortage has created intense competition between employers to hire and improve employee onboarding processes. As noted in a similar source, employees are more likely than ever before to quit within just 90 days of getting hired.

In an age where employees have greater choice than ever about where they work, it is important to demonstrate to the newly-hired staff that your company will offer the tools required to complete this job. Does the Gigabit Internet service prove a huge benefit in the rigid talent market for recruitment and new hire retention by allowing your company to attract and onboard the appropriate talent?

Cost Of Gigabit Internet 

There are generally two factors that are linked with the Gigabit Internet service. These include the cost of the initial installation and the monthly service costs of the fiber Internet package, which vary based on the installation details and your major isp.

The Costs of Gigabit Internet Over Fiber

The cost of upgrading the Gigabit Internet varies; however, it ultimately relies on the fiber Internet availability in the area or building. If your building is recently installed with fiber optic Internet resources, upgrading to Gigabit Internet becomes faster and cheaper.

Whenever your facilities are not installed with fiber Internet resources, the costs vary significantly depending on numerous factors. These would include and not necessarily be restricted to

  • Distance to the nearest resources of fiber
  • Needed for city permits,
  • Requirements for building construction
  • Size of the building.

Assessing Ongoing Costs of Gigabit Internet Services.

After these initial installation costs, your company pays a monthly fee for the Gigabit Internet service. The costs of the service vary significantly as it relies on your location, with the carriers offering the fiber service in the area along with the terms of the agreement.

Before signing with the Gigabit Internet service, ensure the fine print in the service contract that guarantees the following things for the real Gigabit Internet service:

  • Speed and Bandwidth.

Your company needs a "symmetrical" service with equal upload and download speeds.

  • Reliability and Guarantee

Not every carrier offers the same uptime and proactive monitoring guarantees, and numerous major carriers are not guaranteeing bandwidth and speed in this period of higher demands. Make sure that your prospective providers are offering 99.9% better uptime.

  • Pricing

Is the pricing you are accepting initially extending to the entire tenure of the service contract?

  • Support and Services

Only some carriers offer support and customer service as part of their Gigabit Internet service package. You should verify that the business-class internet service includes a monthly fee including the following:

  • Circuit Provisioning
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Dedicated Internet Solutions Specialist
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Simple Invoicing

The Bottom Line

Metro Wireless offers a gig of the Internet available to about 10 Gigs to help your business attain enhanced productivity, improved customer experience, and reduced costs bringing you a notable return on investment.

These customizable packages are designed to fit the company's needs as our Gig Internet powers the smaller businesses to the whole bandwidth requirement of the office. Learn more about our business and service offerings by checking out our platform to locate the ideal options!

Tyler Hoffman