Using Starlink for Temporary Events: What You Need to Know

May 10, 2024

Starlink for Temporary Events

In today’s world, where connection is assumed to be consistent, stable, and present, discovering new means of improving network connectivity is critical. Innovation beyond 5G requires new solutions that constitute disruptive technologies. A disruptive technology that has becoming more and more mainstream is called Starlink. Starlink, conceived in 2019 by Elon Musk’s company SpaceX, aims to launch a new world order of connection between devices away from the traditional network infrastructure of in-home routers by launching satellites that devices directly connect to, much like an ad hoc network that eliminates the need for a router.

While still early in its history, Business Starlink has been deployed onsite for temporary events and trade shows. Starlink has many advantages when compared with traditional networking technologies. Such advantages include:

  1. Superior reliability compared to LTE/5G (which often gets network congested at events)
  2. Fast setup and tear down capabilities
  3. Ability to bond multiple dishes for increased throughput
  4. Diverse applications at a global scale

Starlink, once only deployed as a rural or failover option for internet connectivity, will likely overtake temporary event connectivity needs within a matter of years.

Fast Set up And Tear Down

Business Starlink deployment takes a matter of minutes, leading to fast setup and teardown time. While most internet setups require extensive time and resources in order to plan, install, and connect, Starlink’s rapid deployment means events can occur much more quickly with little overhead. Plug-and-play will virtually always be in greater demand than other systems that require a lot more human configuration, which entails greater opportunity to make errors. Laying cables and complex network architecture is more or less a thing of the past now. Starlink effectively reduces the logistical headache of complicated systems.

Moreover, Starlink enables events to be set up in remote places where LTE/5G and public WiFi could be weak and even nonexistent. With Starlink, an event could be held in the middle of Death Valley, despite any limitations such as a lack of cellular connectivity. Organizers of trade shows and other temporary events can rely on the satellite-based infrastructure of Starlink, which offers incredibly high-speeds if they need to do anything from streaming videos, conducting live demos or engaging in real time interactions without being concerned about disruptions in the network.

Starlink for mobile events and trade shows
A Mobile Broadcast Team Utilizing Starlink for Their Internet Connection.

Enhance Throughput and Redundancy via Multiple Dish + LTE/5G Bonding

Via our Managed SD-WAN platform, Metro Wireless offers the ability to bond and aggregate multiple internet connections together– such as multiple Starlink connections and LTE/5G connections – to increase total download and upload speed throughout, as well as provide carrier redundancy in case one of the networks or dishes fail.

For example, we’ve bonded two separate connections together for an oil & gas client recently:

  1. Starlink Speed Throughput - 150Mbps downloads, and 15Mbps uploads
  2. Verizon 5G C-Band Throughput - 30Mbps downloads, and 80Mbps uploads

Bonding the two connections together, our team at Metro Wireless was able to get a total aggregate throughput of 160Mbps downloads and 90Mbps uploads!

This led to a very happy client – moreover, we could of course apply this same offering and methodology to our temporary event and festival clients. This feature is obviously beneficial for large scale operations where low bandwidth will simply not meet the demand.

Bond Multiple Starlink or LTE/5G Connections
Bond Multiple Starlink or LTE/5G Connections

Bonding our Managed Starlink for business with an LTE/5G connection also provides carrier and network redundancy in case the Starlink network fails, or if there is sudden hardware malfunction, software errors or other problems. Bonding these two diverse internet connections together offers a failover such that if one connection fails, there is another one to back it up.

Multiple Applications Beyond Trade Shows

Uses for Business Starlink are generally assumed to be public events that require temporary connectivity. However there is truly an abundance of applications such as outdoor events, festivals, live productions, concerts, sporting events, tours and so on where Starlink would be extremely useful. Starlink is a particularly versatile technology since it can be used wherever globally.

Can Pair With Managed WiFi: A Comprehensive Solution for All Needs

Not only can Starlink provide internet connectivity - Starlink can also integrate with managed WiFi solutions with ease. Managed WiFi caters to vendor needs on the spot. These WiFi solutions are typically maintained by a third party, alleviating the burden of installation from the event organizer; especially as temporary events generally require more stringent security features. Managed WiFi is frequently used for:

  1. Point-Of-Sale transactions
  2. VoIP calling
  3. Video and audio content streaming
  4. Enabling connected operations and IoT devices

Organizers can pair their Business Starlink with Metro Wireless’s Managed WiFi solutions and provide wired and wireless connectivity.

Moreover, events of any size can be catered to. Temporary events often do not remain the same size throughout, usually the size will change over the event’s duration. Starlink can enable the same degree of persistent connectivity regardless of how many people participate.

Bonding and aggregating 5G and Starlink
Bonding Verizon 5G + Starlink together for faster download and upload speeds, and carrier diversity.

Why Working with Metro Wireless is Great For Starlink Needs at Short Term Events

Metro Wireless is a trusted provider of networking services, and leveraging our Managed Starlink offering for temporary events, conferences, and festivals is no exception. Metro Wireless is unique amongst competitors by distinguishing itself as a value-added service provider. Metro Wireless offers expertise that other Authorized Solution Providers do not.

How do we compare to buying from Starlink directly?

Metro Wireless offers value-added services that Starlink does not offer. Regarding Starlink, additional value-added services include:

  1. Public static IP blocks
  2. 24/7 US-based NOC support
  3. LTE/5G failover
  4. Multiple Starlink dish bonding

Commercial Starlink Internet Access utilizes what is called a “High Performance Dish” for businesses in order to deliver connectivity with higher speeds and lower latency. The Authorized Solution Provider program permits Metro Wireless to host Starlink deployments for commercial clients, as well. Metro Wireless's dedicated client support NOC ensures several advantages, such as:

  1. Fast issue resolution, with an average CSAT score of 97/100
  2. An average support hold time of under 30 seconds

As we detail in this blog post, the commercial option is vastly superior to the residential-oriented services offered by Starlink.

In closing, Metro Wireless is clearly a superior solution for deploying Starlink to temporary events and trade shows. Consult with us now to see which solution works best for you. With our customized pricing, we have suitable plans for all kinds of needs. With superior reliability, bonding capabilities, and redundancy, you can depend on Metro Wireless as a solution for your Starlink needs.

So, call us today for a consultation and see what we can do for you!