Speed. It’s the one thing every ISP in Detroit promotes when they try to sell people on their Internet plans. Download and upload speeds are absolutely critical in choosing the right ISP for your Internet, but there are other factors to consider, too. Here are a few important details and considerations you need to balance when choosing your next Internet service provider.


High-speed Internet is amazing. But if it only works in fits and starts, your Internet experience is basically unusable. In a world of continual streaming for music and video, or Internet connections being required to access and run most work programs, down time of Internet service costs money. That’s why you should always inquire about the reliability. If you can’t have dependable Internet, then it might be time to look to another ISP in Detroit for service.

Type of Connection

Did you know that there are different ways of getting an Internet connection? It’s true, even for places that are more rural or remote than right downtown Detroit. Choosing your ISP in Detroit should also include choosing the right kind of Internet connection as well, one that suits your needs.

At Metro Wireless, we offer multiple kinds of Internet connections to our clients, depending on their location. These can include fiber Ethernet, fixed wireless, and even satellite Internet. All come with their own distinct advantages that we can walk you through when you contact us.

Customer Service

We have come to expect bad customer service from our Internet service providers. It doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, you should expect fast, reliable, and convenient customer service for your ISP in Detroit. Whether it’s a chat on their website, a phone call with short wait times, or a visit from a technician, your experience with your ISP should always be friendly and should address your needs and concerns. Just like you would expect with any other service you pay for. Don’t settle for a bad customer experience with your next ISP. Instead, look for the provider that wants to give you great Internet and great service.

Great Prices

Internet, especially for businesses, can get expensive. You should ensure that you are getting the best deal for your money. That’s why you should always balance all these factors with overall cost. At Metro Wireless, we provide excellent Internet services at competitive prices because we know that people need great Internet—and it shouldn’t cost them more than they can afford.

The Best ISP in Detroit

When it comes to Internet service, it needs to meet your needs. That’s why it’s always important to consider factors besides speed when choosing your ISP in Detroit. Metro Wireless was founded in 2013 to bring options to the people of Detroit and Michigan. It’s why we offer multiple types of Internet connections that service a wide area, all with reliable connections and blazing-fast speeds. Contact us today to learn more about how we can give you a better, friendlier, and more reliable Internet experience.