MetroBundles combine two multiple WAN Internet connections to create a nearly unbreakable MultiWAN for high availability on the Metro Wireless network.

We create two or more diverse paths to the Metro Wireless core for the end customer to receive the best solution with less headaches. No need for the customer to manage failover since everything is done at the edge on the customer CPE.

There is only one IP block needed to use multiple paths which means no more expensive and complicated router configurations needed. Let us handle it all and simply route you a circuit that will keep your business online 24/7/365.

Our solution provides the highest possible uptime and reliability for businesses in a carrier managed environment.

Metro Wireless provides a managed router solution that is monitored from our NOC 24/7 and nationwide overnight replacement services for any hardware if needed.

WAN1: Metro Wireless MetroBURST
WAN2: Metro Wireless MetroLTE

LAN 1: Customer Public IP Block
LAN 2: Other Services (P2P, MPLS, etc.)

We have a variety of larger packages for different applications and can accommodate custom Multi WAN solutions up to 1000Mbps.