The True Cost Of Not Having A Backup Internet Solution

August 3, 2023

Wireless Failover Internet

If you are operating a business, irrespective of whether it is a large or a small company, having a backup internet connection is very important. Today's Companies are operating with SaaS or cloud-based software as a service, telephone service, file storage, and video conferencing. The cloud has made things more convenient, helping streamline all your business processes. However, dealing with network outages poses a serious issue. It is where you would require a backup failover internet connection.

Deriving the perks from the cloud is a great way to maximize your company's productivity. Operating and storing data in this accessible space will help your employees derive better perks from the ease of use and efficiency. The only drawback is that these telephone calls, workloads, and conferences become inaccessible during an internet outage.

The downtime impacts the company's productivity; as an outcome, it becomes your bottom line. Installing a failover internet connection can help save you from potential outages while keeping your business in operating mode through the disruption of the services.

Metro Wireless, as the streamlined wireless backup internet service offering commercial business spaces greater flexibility into opting for the backup services well-suited for the businesses, including the Ethernet, Wireless, DSL, T1, and Cable. These failover services can offer their customers greater availability and affordable business continuity solutions to help maintain vital business operations during the disruption of the primary data connection.

Today's blog will guide you through the numerous benefits of backup internet services and how we can help you associate with the right service provider.

Why businesses cannot solely rely on one internet connection

Modern businesses rely on internet connections for their cloud and communication applications, regardless of the industries they operate in. It is why locating the right service provider is one of the initial steps your firm can take to ensure success. However, outages are common even when you pick a reputed carrier.

Wireless Internet Backup

An outage can prove expensive for your business, irrespective of whether it is disconnected at your end, any weather emergencies, or a rising issue at the provider's side. It would often last a few minutes or even hours and, in rare instances, for days. The time you are spending without this service is considered downtime.

The downtime might cost your business a lot of revenue as it relies mainly on the time it takes to get you back online. Numerous companies have lost around $700 billion in outages in just a year. The downtime causes a significant drop in your productivity since several firms operate through online communication and software systems.

Fortunately, there are preventative solutions present to help deal with the outages. You can instantly implement the secondary internet connection before you can experience downtime. The backup internet for business is the safety as your firm only needs to use them if the main connection is experiencing this failure. 

However, getting them prepared and accessible can reduce the losses and downtime during the outages. These backups are considered internet redundancy.

Save Your Business with Failover and Redundancy

Switching to a reliable backup or redundant system is key when issues occur. Failover is switching between your primary and secondary systems as seamlessly as possible. With redundancy in place, a standby internet service is ready whenever your primary service is unavailable. It can come online manually, with a member of IT making the switch, or automatically, based on the type of failover process you use.

The redundancy in place has the greater ability to switch to these dependable backups or the redundant system, which is the primary feature involved. The failover is the primary method of switching between the primary and the secondary systems, making them the ideal option.

The redundant systems can ensure that when the internet connection drops, your customers and business can access your product or services.

For instance, if you are a car dealer with a strong website, then the guidelines on the social distances are in order with the dealership that relies more than ever on the site connecting with the buyers. These car buyers arrive with the website previewing the car, appraising the values for the trade-in, applying for the financing, and scheduling the test drive.

The sales team gets the leads through emails and sites with greater details. The finance teams would send back the paperwork through emails, accessing the financial details and reviewing the vehicle history. They use the internet to connect to the state's motor vehicles registry to register the cars for your customers and the insurance firm to aid inadequate coverage. If the internet connection fails, the car sales come to a halt.

Internet redundancies prevent different things from taking place. The backup services automatically alert your IT team regarding issues whenever the main service fails. It can help n free up their time to resolve the underlying issues that lead to the outages without simultaneously spinning up the new connection.

Active-Active vs. Active-Passive Failover

There are two main settings for failover redundancy: Active-Active and Active-Passive connections. Each defines how you can initiate or even hand off the failover. The kind you pick is the direct outcome of the needs of your business and team.

Two networked servers are always connected to your database during an active-active failover. When the primary server fails, the secondary server instantly manages the connection. It indicates that you have operated two versions of the application to increase the balance and resiliency of the server load.

In an active-passive wireless internet backup failover, you will have the main network managing every function and a secondary one on standby. It indicates that you have a single version of your application operating on a single node; therefore, you need to restart the secondary connection when it fails.

Unlimited Wireless Failover
Unlimited Wireless Failover

The users can note the enhancement in connection times with the active-active failover since there are faster failover hand-off times, leading to greater redundancy. The connection has greater stability; when one service fails, the other picks up this slack automatically.

Managing the two active networks requires more effort and time on your end. Configuration of the networks has a greater diversity indicating the additional costs in the incoming equipment, cables, hookups, and staff expertise.

True Cost Of Not Having Internet Backup

Lost Productivity and Downtime

One of the main costs of needing a backup internet connection for business is the loss of productivity during downtime. Whenever your main internet connection fails, your employees need access to important tools and resources, disrupting wasted time and workflows.

Each moment of the internet outage results in missed deadlines, loss of productivity, and frustration among your employees. The effect on productivity is more serious for businesses that depend mainly on cloud-based communication and applications.

Missed Opportunities

Opportunities arrive at any moment in the fast-paced business environment today. Failing to have a backup internet solution would eventually result in missing out on such opportunities, whether the potential client is reaching out for a time-based project or an important partnering opportunity calling for immediate action.

Without failover internet services, you might not have the ability to respond immediately and lose your potential collaborations or deals to your competitors who are prepared. The missed opportunities have long-term effects on your business revenue and growth.

Loss Of Customer And Damaged Reputation

In this hyper-connected world, customers expect their businesses to become highly responsive and accessible round-the-clock. The prolonged internet outage can seriously damage the customer's trust and reputation.

If you fail to meet the demands of your customers due to disruptions in the internet, it will lead to negative reviews, social media backlash, and an entirely damaged image. In adverse scenarios, dissatisfied customers often switch to your competitors, losing valuable clients.

Financial Consequences

The financial consequences of not having this backup internet solution are substantial. Besides the immediate loss of productivity, potential customer churn, and missed-out opportunities, one should consider numerous financial implications.

When the main ISP experiences frequent outages, you are often forced to search for alternative solutions on short notice, which is costly. Temporary fixes like satellite connections or mobile hotspots often arrive with greater costs and lower performance than this traditional broadband.

Furthermore, a couple of businesses have SLAs or service-level agreements with their clients imposing fines to fail in meeting the needs for uptime, leading to a greater strain on finances.

Data Loss and Security Risks

LTE 5G Wireless Internet
LTE 5G Wireless Internet

Businesses become more vulnerable to security risks and data loss without the additional backup internet solution. Cyberthreats are the rising constant in the interconnected we are in. One point of failure of your internet connection will leave you prone to these targeted attacks like DDoS or the distributed denial of services that cripples your operations.

Furthermore, when your main internet connection fails, and you do not have a backup, it would result in data loss if the important information is not synced or saved properly. The cost of recovering data loss, restructuring the systems, and dealing with potential compliance and legal issues becomes significant.

Lack of Business Progression

It is important to have a backup internet to ensure your business operations continue during any unforeseen events. Infrastructure failures, natural disasters, or ISP outages occur without any warning. Having a secondary connection can reduce the effect of these events.

It allows you to continue helping your customers, maintain business communication, and access vital data and systems even in these challenging situations. The lack of a backup solution can lead your business to prolonged disruptions and potential damages.

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